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  1. 2019 software update

    Been tring to update this "no longer new" trucks software. Seems it takes hours and hours even when we have a good Wi-Fi signal here so we gave up. The only annoyanc is the "need wi-fi to update" comes on all the time its started. Should we just give up? Not a happy customer if this is...
  2. winter lugs

    Folks, we need some plain jane lug nuts for our 2019 xlt to keep the winter rims on. Any suggestions for what and where could we get them? Amzoine is OK by me. thanks!
  3. new snows

    After some grief we finally got some new rims with blizzak snow tires mounted today! :thumbsup: In a different thread, someone pointed out where to get these OEM rims for winter use which ran $100 each. Not cheap but they'll work. For those who might wonder, we live in the lake snow belt and...
  4. bridgestone 255/65R17 premature worn?

    Our 19 xlt came with these bridgestone 255/65R17 sized tires which we've had nothing but good to same about them, in fact, over the winter there snow traction was quite good. Now the bad news; At just over 20K of mileage the sipes are worn away on one, so they'll need to be replaced this fall...
  5. utility/cargo trailer conversations to campers

    Here is a trailer we purchased that a dealer had made from a 6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer, into a simple camper. The fellow wanted this so as to go hunting and bring his ATV along inside this trailer/camper. We wanted a very simple camper and bring our 6x6 along. I'll post pictures when...
  6. jumper-cable storage?

    We like to keep jumper-cables with us but for the life of me, I can't see a good place to stow them in our extended cab. We've already got emergency junk in the below the seat storage area. If you carry cables, where do you put them??? Thanks!
  7. camp and trail work weekend in the UP of MI.

    Here is a few photos take over the weekend at home and at two campgrounds or in the general area, all in the western upper peninsula of Michigan. Ask if you don't know where that is :confused:..... We went to two campgrounds and towed two trailers over the weekend, so the photos might seem...
  8. newbie intro

    Hi Folks! We purchased a Ranger in 2019 and sure have liked it. Seems we have 20,000 miles on it now. We tow trailers, travel and in use it for work in general. We live in the UP of MI where it really snows. Nice to be here with you.