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  1. Parts Dept

    Hey Benny, I’m looking to pick up a few things; Splash guards Cl3z-16a550-s, kb3z-16a550-j Bash plate Kb3z-5d032-a, Epas plate cover kb3z-5b018-a And fasteners I was unable to determine how many are needed so let me know . I have 2020 xl 2wd STX that has tow hooks, are the fx4 tow hooks needed...
  2. STX spare issue FYI

    So I ordered 5 falken 265/70r17 tires to go on stock rims. Well the spare rim is 16” not the 17” rims on truck. Wow Ford cheaped out again I just assumed that the spare would be 17” even if it was just a steelie wheel. So now I’ll be hunting a 17” wheel for the fifth tire. Of course I’m sitting...
  3. Falken 265/70r17

    Falkens load range sl, xl, e in the size 265/70r17 and LT 265/70r17 range in diameter of 30.6 to 31.7 and 31.9 with widths of 10.6 10.8 and 10.7 so my question is would all of these fit stock rim with no rub with 2.5 level lift. I see several members have falkens in this size but no one has...
  4. Or strut stud broke off

    While torquing level kit to top of strut a or strut stud broke. Can I disassemble and replace the broken stud or do I have to replace entire strut?
  5. HelpTie rod stuck

    :mad: I need a tip to get stuck tie rod loose I’m into installing Rough Country 2.5 level kit
  6. Virginia member intro

    Hey folks, so I’m back in a ranger after 26 years. My last ranger was a 94 rwd blue. I kept it for about two years and traded it of for a 96 F-150 that I’m still driving today. Which brings me back to the new 20 Ranger Scab STX 2wd shadow black. I’ll be poking around looking for info that’ll be...