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  1. Code: C1B00:00-08

    After replacing my DPFE sensor, I went to look at some EGR pids and found this. Seems this is some kind of history code(not sure just guessing off the wording in the description)I have no driving issues. Traction control is still active along with stability control or whatever Ford calls it, and...
  2. Ping when cold

    Been noticing a knocking only when the engine is cold under moderate acceleration 2.5k to 3 rpm. And no its not a lower end knock. I'm running 91 non ethanol gas. No codes and I have forscan so I can check some PIDs to see what is going on but don't know every PID I should check. I have checked...
  3. Wish you Guy's would......

    Keep your dirt in OK,TX, and AZ :mad: This from the storms Sunday night.
  4. Info on the 10R80 Transmission from FordTechMakuloco

    Brian explains about skipping gears and also mentions some issues the trans has like bushings being worn out early, but doesn't go into any detail on the problems. But it is some info we can use to be on the lookout for.
  5. Is FordPartsGiant good to go?

    They have a part I want way cheaper than anyone else. Just don't want it to be to good to be true. So anyone buy from them and what was your experience?
  6. Found these at the local unclaimed freight store

    Any ford tech's hanging out here? I would like to know what does ford mean by volume on the mix? 1QT fluid for 2QT water or 2 Gal water for the -21* F mix Thanks
  7. Got my first scratch :(

    I know its eventually going to happen but I was hopping it would be farther down the road. Someone kicked up a rock and it hit the rear passenger door yesterday. Have any of you had a scratch repair at the dealer? How good of a job did they do and what was the cost?