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  1. Melipron Rack Review

    About a month or so ago I picked up the Melipron universal pickup bed rack, as it claims to have similar functionality to the comparable Yakima setup, and is under half the price, and doesn’t have a bunch of logos emblazoned across it. It cost $560 on Amazon and delivered to North Pole, AK in a...
  2. No Window sticker

    My truck says it’s been in production for 3 days now, and there still is no window sticker in the link. Am I being stupid/overly anxious? How long does it generally take to post the sticker after it goes into production? I just want my truck!!! :computerrage:
  3. 3D Printed Keychain

    I just printed this up last night. I thought y’all might think it was neat. Super quick and easy print, only took 45 minutes. If anyone is interested in one feel free to shoot me a PM
  4. TheNorseman’s AK Ranger

    Ok, so I don’t have the truck yet, but I figured I would start a build thread before it’s even built. I just got the email that they pushed my build back a week, and I wanted to have a place to voice my frustrations, though I will admit I placed my order on 12/18/22 and about a month later they...
  5. I’m on the Damper Fence

    I’m wondering if I can find a tailgate damper that functions down to -40. (Looking at you Dave) I know the DeeZee one tends to slow and seize at lower temps, and I am not interested in dealing with that. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to all, including product links, name calling, and...
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    Here’s a thread to post what you’ve been listening to lately. Band and genre, song if your feeling specific. Pictures of it playing on your sync 3 screen for bonus points! Explosions in the Sky- Birth and Death of a Day Prog rock