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  1. Toolkit reccomendation

    When I am off-road where tow trucks can't get to me, I carry a tonne of tools. Full 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2" socket set, plus extra extensions, specialty ratchet handles, 1/2" torque wrench, 18" Johnson bar, 1/2 impact gun (700lb breaking torque), impact sockets, extensions, flex joints, 4.5" grinder...
  2. fumoto plug

    I never used either before, but the Shrockworks skid plates I have are a PITA to remove for oil changes so I decided to get one. I looked at both Fumo and Vmax, then chose Fumo because it seems easier use without removing the plate. It's still waiting for install on my next oil change, which I'm...
  3. Update on Updating Sync

    I did the wifi thing too. I keep auto updates turned off in general, but turned it on and it started quickly. I left, came back twenty minutes later the truck was turned off. Turned it back on the DL continued. I came back 10 minutes later and it was re-booting, update complete. Went back in and...
  4. !

    March 2021 a Lariat FX4 with every option and Black Acc Package was $55K out the door. EDIT: I Meant to quote the pic of the Maverick at $56K with this post, but apparently quoted the wrong post lol.
  5. Tire Pressure Menu

    This is me too. My left screen default is current speed & distance to empty, one screen down is PSI. I really like having it readily available for easy check.s
  6. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Thanks for the tip. I have the Putco Blade mounted to my roof rack, wired with their tail light direct harness. I also have racks that mount on the tonneau cover and a RTT that mounts on that. When the RTT is on, it blocks view of the Blade so I want to add brake/signals to the rear of the RTT...
  7. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Thank you!
  8. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Link to the lights please.
  9. I hit a high curb and have a tire replacement question

    If you're not ready to replace all the tires, check around the used tires shops, you may find one at a reasonable price that will carry you until all 4 are worn out. Being the factory installed tires, there's a real possibility you'll even find a another Dyna-pro ATM. Or check Marketplace...
  10. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Very handy item to have. No photos on the Ranger, but super helpful for the 16 foot 83lb beast kayak. I used for it a bunch of other things too, but the kayak was the inspiration to buy it.
  11. Taco rust

    There are two types I know of, dripless which from my understanding is wax like or wax based, and an oil based which runs and creeps after application, seeping into the areas that didn’t get a direct spray. I go to Krown which uses an oil based. Then I use spray cans of Fluid Film to get the...
  12. Taco rust

    Every 15 year old truck in Canada with no annual rust proofing will have the same rust as that does. Probably worse if it was in a high salt use area. That's not unique to Tie-Yoda.
  13. Oil quart behind rear seat?

    It's not about just thinking of myself, I am happy to help anyone in need. I carry things based on probability of need, and not always 'my' need. I carry recover straps, shovel and gear in my truck all the time, to help pull others out of trouble more so than myself. I carry a booster pack to...
  14. Oil quart behind rear seat?

    If you are not burning or leaking oil, why carry extra in the truck? I've been driving 35+ years, with many, many beaters and scrappers in that time. I have never spontaneously needed oil for any of them. Also in 5 years of tow trucking, never ran into a broke down vehicle that was repaired by...
  15. Tesla Big Rigs get amazing 330 miles on a charge! With no payload!

    They want to limit when you can charge, then they will take power from your car when you do plug in. Brilliant! I wish I was s-m-r-t like California, lol.
  16. SYNC Black Screen of Death

    Mine has been very slow to boot up a few times since I got the black screen of death a few weeks ago. It's interesting to me that it started just after the last update came out, but I haven't done the update. I was going to do the update a few days ago, hoping to fix the errors, but having read...
  17. Tire recommendations

    Tire shops probably won't fix that, but I'd absolutely stick a plug in it and not worry about it. Unless you street racing and drifting your truck, it would probably hold for 10s of thousands of miles.
  18. Tesla Big Rigs get amazing 330 miles on a charge! With no payload!

    Long haul is a long way from EV, but what % of trucks are long haul? Three million semis in the USA, I'd bet less than half average over 300 miles per day. Then there's 10 million straight trucks, probably less than 20% average 300 miles per day. Currently there is ~300,000 new trucks sold...
  19. High Mileage Ranger Report

    Owner says no issues at all, original transmission.
  20. High Mileage Ranger Report

    From a Canadian Ranger group, a 2019, not mine. 276,001km = 171,499 miles.