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  1. Long Term Towing Experience - Wear

    Great info - consistent results here. Still curious about longrr term impact of towing on our trucks. i.e. Will there be significant wear-failure compared to an F150 etc.. My Lance 1995 Trailer has a slightly tapered front 12 mpg avg in mixed driving flat-mountains. Tremor oem fox shocks and...
  2. Replace Fox shocks with same thing or go with something else?

    Call fox for support. They may warranty or recommend a great altrrnative and cover some cost. Their products and support are top shelf. On my Tremor i will go one up in the fox line, when-if the oem units fail, to add a little more dampening.
  3. Long Term Towing Experience - Wear

    What is your experience associated with any resulting Ranger wear n tear from towing? Curious how our trucks hold up to that.. My 2021 tremor with tow package tows a 4k lb, 400 lb tongue, 20 ft travel trailer very well (power, stopping, control). Have towed about 5k miles.
  4. Lariat - Factory LED Headlights - Reliability

    15k mikes on a 21 lariat.. no problems.. One of the reasons I bought lariat was for the LED lights. Light output is good, not great inho. I added Baja designs squadron pro combo beams to my bumper, those lights are nearly twice as bright as the factory LED headlamps. Real world empirical...
  5. Getting a brake controller installed

    Purchased the Ford unit as stated, about $550 total. It works great. 5k lb trailer behind a 21 lariat tremor with a good WD no sway hitch.. easy to manage great control..
  6. Biggest Travel Trailer?

    The capability and drive charachteristics of the stock lariat tremor, with tow pkg, for this 4K 24ft total length trailer, provides a fun safe easy to manage driving experience. Installed an Equalizer brand 600 - 6000 weight dist. sway control hitch and the Ford Accesory trailer brake control...
  7. Biggest Travel Trailer?

    Great Discussion Picking up a Lance travel trailer this weekend. I have a stock 21 lariat tremor with factory tow and an added Ford accesory trailer brake controller. Planning WD hitxh and focused safe driving practices 65 max sped ect. No plan to further modify the truck. My wife and I travel...
  8. Wear - Problems After Front Lift - Level

    Has anyone had premature wear, failure, or problems mid 5k miles+ to long term after a front end lift - level? Height change? Mileage between mod and problem? Problem? (CV, knock, rub, tire wear, steering, other, ect) Remedy? Curious to know objective impact, if any, from a wear-reliability...
  9. Why the level? Why the rake?

    OP.. So its flat. Flat is glamorous. So its flat after its loaded, aka a truck.
  10. A great towing truck . . .

    Thanks for the objective specific info.. Sounds great.
  11. New Wheels on Tremor Size suggestions

    OEM are bichin and functional, as designed.. for me..
  12. Tremor Electrical questions

    No, in my 21 model her box is hot.
  13. Georgia Tremor Suspension For Sale - $850

    Smokin deal for killer engineered performance LIMO suspension!
  14. Ranger Remorse? anyone?

    None at all. With a reasonable objective review, confidence in my own decision making, and controlling my thoughts this kind of anxiety is completely avoidable. The opposite of what I described above is a waste of time and energy.
  15. The ultimate question

    KO2 In a load range c. PROVEN DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE AND.. What Phil said.
  16. Who is planning less mod’s on their Ranger?

    This high quality capable and functional Lariat Tremor Ranger was not built to have a bunch of nonsense bolted on, or to be decorated like a Christmas tree. BD squadron pro lights in the bumper, a bed mat, and bed power is all it needed. NO MOD GLAMOUR HOBBY HERE Does this make my truck look...
  17. The first thing you took off your Ranger???

    Nothing. The engineered design i paid for is great!
  18. Solution-Leg rash Tremor steps.

    After a year of use no injury or even contact, except with a shoe sole has occurred. Maybe just move along with mindless abandon of the location of your extremities. Then one day the stride that became a shuffle due to inactivity will cause a fall and a broken hip so the handy steps will become...
  19. 12V Cooler

    Using an ARB for 20+ years powered by the cars battery on camping trips has been problem free - no ice chest soup.and battery mgt just required starting and running the car every 12 hours or so.. Using an electric cooler is a game changer. No need to seal all food,no wet food.. priceless...