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  1. Tailgate Damper……cons?

    Not sure if this con has been stated before, and I really don't feel like reading through 10 pages of back and forth as to the "manliness" of a damper, but I will say for me the pros far outweigh the cons. The only con I have is that if you live where it freezes in the winter the one on Amazon...
  2. 2022 folding mirrors

    Fair enough, I was only looking at it from the angle that one was outside the vehicle. But some here would argue that pulling the door handle is manual operation.
  3. 2022 folding mirrors

    In regard to the headlights, you turn them to Auto one time and it is fully automatic; and with the locks you are referring to UNLOCKING, which should never be automatic. When I start driving, yes they automatically lock, so I guess I'm missing the point on both counts. From another Ford window...
  4. 2022 folding mirrors

    Yes, the very definition of "automatic", LOL.
  5. 2022 folding mirrors

    Not looking to get into argument about what automatic means. But as far as the transmission goes, you're choosing to drive it that way, it does offer fully automatic usability. The fault is entirely with Ford's choice of terms on the sticker. This is from a Lincoln Aviator sticker that...
  6. 2022 folding mirrors

    Not really, auto means automatic. Requiring me to push a button makes it manual. Do you have to do anything to shift our 10 speed AUTOMATIC transmission? No, but a MANUAL transmission requires operator intervention.
  7. 2022 folding mirrors

    Since yours is a '22, are they actual auto folding or do you still have to push the button on the dash every time?
  8. 2022 folding mirrors

    Got a 2021 Lariat Sport in December and love(d) it until it was totaled in a 5 car highway pileup. So now looking at a 2022 and have a question on a window sticker line item. I know all about the folding mirrors and the need to manually push a button to activate them up to this point, but on the...