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  1. You Thought The Ranger Had Items Deleted?

    I don't think that's a Ford picture promo, I think that's what you dumped on Copart after you were done with the Saber Ranger
  2. AzScorpion's Money Pit 2 Build

  3. Differentials and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    Sir Thank you for posting this with all the information in one place. I went under my truck today and actually dumped the fluids from both dif's and the TC. Your post helped me the most. The only thing I would add is the TC has Allen key bolts and I couldn't find my sockets. Used an Allen...
  4. Almost got clipped by a Bronco

    That's really no way to make friends and sell dampers.....(S)
  5. FordPass Update

    Wasn't until 2 days ago....LOL. I liked my Galaxy 7 Edge. It worked and I didn't have to deal with "changing" my contract and "upgrading" to 5G. Finally found a new Galaxy 10 which apparently "fell" off a truck and I snapped it up. Last of the Galaxy's with microSD and headphone jack. No...
  6. Question about mounting 5g phones in 5g rangers

    Saw and ordered one the other day. It's arriving this coming week. Seems clean and secure. Good to know about the charging ports.
  7. New Ranger Owner!

    Nice and Welcome to some of the friendliest and best people. (Damper Guys not so much) They will manage to empty your wallet for you in no time. Great advice everywhere on this site. And if you can't find it just ask.
  8. Ranger blasphemy!

    I could swear you have been on the road with me in my truck. My son is sick of hearing that and the Ford F'ing Ranger Song, LOL.
  9. Ranger "Midsize" Next to "Fullsize" Ram

    Kinda makes it look like a Dakota don't it?
  10. Is it me or does the base Ranger seem "too tall"

    Was thinking the same thing. CROSSTEK. LOL. How much time did you invest before you bought the truck? Didn't notice what you were getting?
  11. Folding Tonneau Cover -Poll (Favorites)

    Check out Peragon. I wanted one when I got my truck. Didn't want to wait and got the LEER instead. I like it, but the Peragon one is nice because it folds down (accordian) instead of up and over like a burrito.
  12. Leer HF650M 4 panel folding hard cover ordered.

    I really like mine. Even in the rain or at a carwash it's dry. Didn't like the idea of poking holes in the bed for drainage. I don't ever see wet in the back when exposed to the elements. Very stable and sturdy. Garaged for 2 years and still looks new. I liked the antitheft locking...
  13. Dealer doesn't respond?

    I remember going in when I first heard about them as well. The "truck" specialist salesman didn't know jack about a Ranger coming. Then told me they might have a used one if I was still interested. I clearly told him 2019 NEW Ranger. I just wanted to see what they had or knew at the...
  14. Dealer doesn't respond?

    Very similar. I know a guy that knows the Owner. VERY Helpful. I also have had 3 cars from the same salesman. I will only deal with him. He has to run back to the sales manager and even the finance guys. I won't even speak to them. They hate it, but that's how I avoid 90% of the BS...
  15. My new Raptor

    I sure as shit hope so.
  16. FordPass app message

    Perfect. Reply'd to Subquark as well. Thanks for the pics and help. Works perfectly. Again, thanks so I didn't blow something up...
  17. FordPass app message

    Perfect picture. That is exactly what I did after y'all helped with the pictures. Counted Seven bolts attached here and wanted the right way. Thanks to Subquark and AZ
  18. Engine Cover TSB 21-2147 Warranty Voided

    Glad for the people on this site and for a fair resolution. Th dealer needed to do the right thing, and they did.