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  1. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    It looks like you have enough of the bolt to grab it with a pair of vice-grips and undo it
  2. "The perfect stance" confusion

    Any mods to the crash bars needed with this setup?
  3. Only 10k miles, bad front u joint says the dealer..

    Its definitely possible but why are they replacing the right axle if the sound is coming from the left?
  4. Ranger to Bronco bolt pattern

    Awesome!! Looks great!!! Thanks for sharing. 👍
  5. Ranger to Bronco bolt pattern

    Yes they are the same bolt pattern. I've seen Rangers with Bronco wheels quite a bit.... but I haven't seen any Bronco's with Ranger wheels 🤔
  6. SSM 51754 2023 Bronco/Ranger/Explorer - 2.3L Engine - Loss Of Coolant With Coolant In Oil - Built On 27-Mar-2023 And Through 18-May-2023

    Wow, Fords QC is abysmal now. Brand new engines with cracked blocks should not be happening in this day and age.
  7. Eaton Front E-Locker Coming For Ranger

    This is great news, any issues with the install on the Ranger?
  8. Eaton Front E-Locker Coming For Ranger

    @jleds Do you have the part number for the rear Trutrac you installed?
  9. Order Your Ranger Bulletproof! bait.... I thought the article was going to say that Ford was finally going to offer a Bulltproof version of the 10R80 tranny. :p
  10. furious taco

    Be careful, Karma is a B**TcH. I hope your 10R80 doesn't leave you sitting in the breakdown lane one day. ;). Unfortunately our Rangers aren't bullet proof either.
  11. Another Transmission Issue? This One Startled the S___ Out Of Me!

    I find this transmission works better in the city and traffic when I lock out the 9/10 OD gears.
  12. FINALLY! Ford Eliminates Brake Squeal With New Brake Pad Design

    I didn't think this was still a problem? I haven't had brake squeal issues on any of my vehicles in at least the past 20 years, but then again , I have only ever used OEM pads & rotors on all my vehicles.
  13. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    Its not just a matter of need for me, its a matter of convenience or option when strapping gear down in the bed. Sometimes you just can't get to a corner due to objects in the way. This happens especially when helping someone move and the couch or dresser is blocking a corner tie down. But...
  14. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    Haha. Too funny that you say that cause I agreed with you when you said that in the other thread and I agree with you now. Yet I still used the term “gauging” your right , its not gauging, its a blatant RIPOFF 100%.
  15. Ranger Fender vent lighting

    You must buy solder in bulk with all those stadium lights tapped in. lol. I've been going through your build thread for ideas, great looking truck !!
  16. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    Thats Crazy. I didn't even bother to add up the total cost of 2 hooks and 4 screws.. That price is just Ludacris! ( and i don't mean the
  17. Ranger Fender vent lighting

    Doesn't anybody use solder anymore? Those Scotchlocs (or any other tap out there) are junk junk junk. Just carefully strip back some sheathing on the donor wire, wrap the accessory power around the exposed donor wire, solder the connection, electrical tape/goo it to protect it from the...
  18. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    Thanks for the link, those look like a decent compromise I can make work. :thumbsup:
  19. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    Holy crap, there is a discussion in another thread regarding dealer price gouging MSRP with ADM's on new Rangers, Broncos, etc...., well how about Ford gouging owners on parts like tie down hooks... $47.00 ($31.00 US?) for a bent piece of metal with 2 holes in it....sheesh. :surprised:...and...