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  1. 10r80 info This website is for transmission shops. Scroll down to Adaptive Strategy for how they say to relearn your transmission.
  2. Kentucky Oem tow hooks and front license plate bracket.

    Free to good home if you can pick up in western Kentucky. From what I gather, it'll cost around :EDIT! $one million!: to ship the tow hooks, maybe $15 on the license plate bracket. NOT SHIPPINGTHE TOW HOOKS, SORRY.
  3. My ranger story.

    My 2020 fwd Escape did awful in the snow so it had to go. No mavericks to be found, so I got a ranger. Test drove an Xlt Fx4 sport, it had frozen moisture on the inside of the windshield and I didn't think anything about it. Got it home and looked at what mods to get. I like the 80s-90s look so...
  4. Bull bar that doesnt interfere with sensors

    I'm looking for a basic bull bar, just a hoop would be fine, but some say that they interfere with the sensors. I dont have adaptive cruise, so just the collision sensors I assume. I have the oem "roll bar" and tonneau on their way, want to complete the 80s look. Thank you.