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  1. And Just Like That

    Have been getting this message on the screen something about available networks....., and now my HD radio isn't working, well to be exact its working but on only one of 3 stations listed for that station. I tried my wifes Lincoln no issue for that station. I attempted to do a master reset, no...
  2. Ranger Raptor / VW

    Have a look at this, interesting to say the least
  3. So Who is Bidding on this one
  4. History is Made

    Here's How Much the Ford F-150 Has Increased in Price Over the Decades (
  5. What do you think? Autonomous or Not

    Interesting vid on what the future of transportation has in store, definitely a thought provoking talk
  6. Thought I would try a Ranger

    Hi All, Purchased a 21 Lariat Ranger FX4 about a month ago, traded my 17 Edge in, slapped a few more skins down and walked away with a beautiful Ranger. Now you folks are going to get me in trouble with the misses, I can't get over how great these trucks look leveled, with beefier tires on...