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  1. Florida WTB Tremor wheels in Tampa area?

    Anyone have Tremor wheels or wheels/tires for sale in the Tampa area? PM me if you have anything Thx! LB
  2. disappointed in Ford Ranger Tremor Trim

    I really don't understand why Ford did not follow suite of the F150/250 Tremor and Maverick Tremor using the orange trim and stitching. I love the red, but the stitching is still grey/white. The Orange would have been awesome. Even the splash got the orange stitching... WTH Ford, is the...
  3. GoRhino E1 Electric Steps

    Anyone seen these yet? I am really interested. I have been saving my fun money for Amp's then spotted these. They are pricy but have dual motors, lifetime warranty on the motors and the boards are 80" for Crew Cab, vs 72" for Amp steps. I really like the Bedliner coating finish... E1 Electric...
  4. '23 Lariat Tremor with XLT gage cluster

    This is interesting, I thought all Lariat's had the center spedo unless this is a '23 thing. It;s a 500A with Tech package LB
  5. Avoid the 2019 Ford Ranger

    Motorbiscuit WTF??? There’s 1 Recent Ford Ranger Model Year to Avoid, Says HotCars ( LB
  6. Carbon Tremor for Sale in Tampa

    15K miles $43,5K looks stock anyone from here trade thiers? LB
  7. 1" Level on Tremor did it affect your ride ?

    Those of you with the 1" level kit on Tremor's did it affect your ride AT ALL? Thanks for the input LB
  8. Florida Drawtite Uhaul Receiver hitch 7500# NEW $120

    $100 Drawtite #76275 Ford Ranger 2019-22 Drawtite Uhaul Receiver hitch 7500# NEW in box Easy install 20 minutes NO DRIlling does not interfere with Spare tire 2019 -2022 Ford Ranger Pickup Riverview Fl area
  9. Florida Sold: Tremor rear Tow hooks on tow bar

    I installed an OEM receiver hitch and have this #3500 tow bar and 4 pin blade wire harness with Tremor tow hooks
  10. Hey everyone! a new Tremor owner

    Hi everyone, I just picked up a 22 Silver Lariat 501 Tremor last Saturday. I paid MSRP no markup or dealer fee's Mullnax Ford in Florida. I love this thing, I added an OEM receiver hitch and wiring, tailgate Damper and Truxedo Sentry CT bed cover, waiting on my bedrug but see ford has it as well...