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  1. Finally found the source of my squeak!

    That sucks, OP. But going after market is the way to go.
  2. Belt Tensioner SNAPPED OFF

    OP, glad to hear that the dealer is working with you on this. That is definately a flaw in the metal.
  3. Happy Anniversary (one year) to my Ranger and me

    Wow 1 year. They grow up so fast, Ha Ha.
  4. I might got myself a Raptor, kind of accidentally

    Kristina, I'm so happy you are getting your new Raptor soon. It will be like a new fling with speed, Ha Ha. Please show us pictures when you get it. I hope you stay here on 5G even though you are moving up !
  5. Ranger Family!

    Love the Azure Gray. It really looks Blue in person.
  6. New Ranger Owner

    Welcome Jeff. I'm sure you will learn how to spend money here with a lot of help. You got a great looking Ranger, so enjoy it.
  7. Very disappointed in truck quality

    OP, that truly sucks. Quality is lacking in so many areas today. The dealers probably won't help either. I would do a spot paint touch up and ceramic coat it for now.
  8. 3 yr Rangerversary = FORD survey

    I've had mine 4 years but never got any surveys! I guess I just don't matter anymore, boo hoo. :frown:
  9. Hello, finally back in a truck!

    Looks good OP. Just keep up on the services and enjoy the new Ranger. My 2019 has been great, other than the HVAC box replacement. No other issues.
  10. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Oh wow, that sounds like an ordeal. I hope everything turns out alright in the end.
  11. Yet another 10 speed joy

    The decisions today seem to all be about cost. "Just make it quick and we will fix, worry about it later. The customer becomes the test pilot.
  12. Found Truck Unresponsive and Dead

    I think you might have a weak battery or a bad ground. Get the battery tested just to be sure.
  13. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    OFC, good looking truck. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Post updates from time to time.
  14. Dealership stated new TSB only allows cleaning of Transmission valve body

    That is news to me, but being in Canada it may be different.
  15. Need help with a weird issue

    I agree with everyone above. It sounds like a weak battery.
  16. I might got myself a Raptor, kind of accidentally

    Well Orange is quite different than Black. I hope it works out for you, Kristina. And Please stay here on 5G.
  17. Nice start to the day!

    Tracy, you're a good sport.
  18. Phone Ringer Volume

    Now that's funny right there.
  19. Total sticker shock

    A local Corvette lover just bought a 2023 Z06 Corvette with 600 miles on it for $160,000 after they knocked off some of the ADM. WOW.