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  1. Tail of the Dragon

    I think maybe you're confusing millennials with gen Z (you should google it if you're not familiar). The millennial generation begins in 1980; we had TVs with rabbit ears, phones with cords, and cassette decks in the family Caravan. By the time Google came along we were using it to research our...
  2. Tail of the Dragon

    That line always kills me. As if it wasn't egocentric baby boomers who invented "everyone's a winner" and pioneered screaming at the little league coach. It's right up their with lampooning millennials for not being able to drive a manual transmission when no one ever bothered to teach them.
  3. Later Dudes

    It seems to be mostly the black on black ones with a flowmaster muffler that do it; it looks like he got the Dad Spec version so he's probably fine.
  4. Ranger in an Ice Bath

    Looks chilly! Are you in Hamilton county or farther up?
  5. When to do first service?

    This reminds me of an old Ron White sketch about having his van serviced.
  6. Ford Ranger cheap hit piece

    The only entertaining jalop articles aren't articles, they're blog pieces by guys fascinated by obscure and/or (rightfully) forgotten cars that they try to save from the junkyard. The rest is pretty low quality, though I don't know how it qualifies as communism...
  7. Just ordered my 2022 Lariat Tremor

    That lineup is a sight for sore eyes. All you need is a Golf R and a Skoda and you can host your own rally.
  8. Just ordered my 2022 Lariat Tremor

    I don't envy your wait but I for sure envy your current stable of vehicles.
  9. Bye bye

    Most stock 2015's dyno between 215 and 225 depending on the usual factors. A stock car with a protune will hit around 250-275 depending on your car and your tuner (and it's worth getting the tune just to dial out the rev hang and the crap throttle mapping). As quick as it is for a truck a stock...
  10. 2021 Ranger XLT Speakers …

    Start by rolling some 80 or 100 mil Kilmat sound absorbing material into the cavities and onto the skin of your doors behind the door cards. It makes the base response much better and kills some of the road noise that necessitates higher volume levels in the first place. You can get the material...
  11. Auction Action

    All of the cars Boomers longed for as teens but couldn't afford are now outrageously priced due to to dwindling supply and the fact that there are a lot more wealthy folks in the 60-80 age range than any other.
  12. Bye bye

    The 15+ WRX is $27k for 268bhp, and you can run up to about 375awhp before you have to swap the con rods. Putting $10,000 into an STI with the EJ25 will get you 800+ hp on an IAG block. If you just want to spec-sheet race then yes it's more economical to procharge a used Mustang.
  13. Bye bye

    Ranger to WRX gang ? (and probably back to Ranger once my left knee gives out)
  14. Anyone else have one of these?

    There are actually cameras in front of and under the car so you can watch them do your oil change on a monitor next to you. I prefer to go to the dealer (or my own driveway when I have the space) but I've taken many different cars to valvolines all over the country and never had an issue.
  15. Happy trails, all

    I personally don't think the WRX has ever been a looker; even though I'm nostalgic for a clean blob-eye wagon with gold BBS wheels, it's still an ugly car ?. The power band is actually decent with the twin scroll turbo but it definitely needs a pro tune to dial out the rev hang and the awful...
  16. Happy trails, all

    I know all too well; this is my second one.
  17. Happy trails, all

    Well folks, 2021 has brought a lot of changes for my family and one of them is eliminating the need for a truck. I'm not much of a "truck guy" to begin with and now that I have nothing to tow or haul and nowhere convenient to off-road I decided to avail myself of CarMax's generous offer for my...
  18. Center console shifter....should it light up

    If Ford put half as much effort into this generation of the Ranger as they do the F-150 it would blow every other competitor out of the water by a long shot. Instead they're playing "how much stuff can we delete before the normies realize it?"
  19. ARB Air Locker

    The crew of Expedition Overland have used ARB lockers front and rear on almost all of their vehicles as they travelled between Prudhoe Bay and Ushuaia, I don't think they ever managed to break one. That being said, have your wallet ready if you want one (and its requisite compressor) installed.
  20. Supercrew Naked Backseat

    They're vents for the body of the car, when you slam the door or run the HVAC blower on higher settings the air pressure created vents out of those valves in the body work. On sedans and crossovers they're usually hidden under the bumper covers.