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  1. Tshirts

    For those wanting t shirts here is a couple of hats I picked up
  2. Heater Box

    Next week I take the Ranger in to have the heateer box fixed, no heat to the drivers side floor, has anyone had this done, how long does it take?
  3. New Ranger engineering updates

    I just put money down for the new 2023 Ranger Raptor, I know there will be a wait. I do have some engineering updates, please listen FORD. #1 All that I have seen shows no power rear window, it is a slap in the face of Ranger owners that the Maverick has both powered sliding rear window and a...
  4. Engineer Pass, Colorado

    Pictures of my trip to Colorado
  5. OxFORD lights

    Lit up
  6. Dome light

    Has anyone removed the lens from the dome light to install led bulbs? If so how? Same for the map light
  7. What's Needed

    I have read a lot of threads and know about the need for the heated steering wheel, the folding mirrors but here a couple from me. #1 I know there is the drive shaft tunnel but what else is the bulky under rear seat useless plastic seat support hiding? OK, the seat has to rest on...
  8. Spare Tire

    here the story, I had from the factory 18" tires installed for an extra $900. Had a front tire that kept going low so I went to the dealer one afternoon to get it fixed. The mechanic had me come out to the shop, you had a nail in the tire which caused the leak, BUT, if you look this lug is cut...
  9. Puddle lights

    I thought, to match the blue lights on the AMP power steps, I would install blue puddle lights. They are bright
  10. Cold Air Intake

    Added new Roush cold air intake, seem to have better performance, will tell after going through a tank of gas. Got it at Stage 3
  11. Power Steps

    Got my power steps put on after a years wait for them to come out. Had to get use to them, getting to love them
  12. Hood alignment

    Seems to me that temperature has a lot to do with hood alignment as if the fenders and hood were made of different materials. Just a thought, get back to me after looking at them at different times of the day