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  1. Colorado Ford Performance ARB front winch bumper $1000

    Ford Performance ARBbumper Winch compatible $1000 $900 Comes with all the necessary mounting hardware Willing to throw in the Aux Beam off-road lights and 6 gang controller for an extra $300
  2. Colorado Sold: OVS 270 LT Awning $550

    OVS 270 freestanding awning. Asking $550.
  3. Colorado Sold: Hot Metal Fab Rock Sliders $950

    HMF DOM Rock Sldiers, coated in Raptor Liner. Paid $1250, asking $950.
  4. Colorado Sold: RCI Engine Skid Plate $250

    RCI Engine Skid $250
  5. Colorado Sold: ReTrax XR1 Tonneau Cover

    Selling my ReTrax XR1 bed cover. Asking $800. $1800 new. Located in Fort Collins, CO. Willing to meet within an hour or so radius of Denver. Has minor scuffs from some boxes I had on it for a trip, shown in pictures. This is the cover to get if you want a bed cover AND bed rack! Constructed...
  6. Colorado Sold: FOX 2.0 Performance Series kit (front + rear) (Colorado)

    FOX 2.0 Performance Series kit 3400 miles Paid $1,300, asking $900. Works perfectly, I just upgraded to something more heavy-duty to handle all the new weight on the truck. Located in Fort Collins, CO. Willing to ship!
  7. Colorado Sold: SVC Lightbar $325 shipped, $295 local (Fort Collins, CO)

    Selling my SVC light bar, just the bar, no lights. Perfect $325 shipped, $295 for a local sale Willing to meet up within an hour or so of Fort Collins.
  8. Changing springs on Fox 2.0

    Is it possible to change out the springs on the Fox 2.0 shocks? I know some of the Tacoma guys can change out theirs, so not sure why ours would be any different. I'm looking at replacing the Fox springs with these from OME, to handle the extra weight of the new bumper and winch. Anyone know?
  9. Colorado Sold: 17 x 9.5 ET6 Black Rhino Armory Gunmetal $1,150 (Fort Collins, CO)

    Selling my 17 x 9.5 ET6 Black Rhino Armory in Gunmetal Been on my rig for 6 months and 7,000 miles Perfect condition, besides one wheel, has slight scuff marks about 1 inch long (shown in pictures) Located in Fort Collins, CO. Willing to meet halfway somewhere for a full-price buyer. Paid...
  10. Fox 2.0 max height adjustment measurment

    I am looking to raise the front on the truck; I've got the Fox 2.0 kit and am planning to take them off to raise them up a bit. I put them on the way they came from Stage3 and was never really happy with how much lift I got out of them. I think I got about 1.5 inches. I'd like to be close to...
  11. SVC Offroad Light (mounting) Bar?

    Anyone here running this? I want to mount 2 BajaDesigns LP6s to the front bumper and this looks to be the only solution. Over $300 seems steep, but I can't figure out any other way for mounting to the stock bumper. Looking for anyone who has this and can post up some pics.
  12. Camp lights on bedrack, what's your setup?

    We are looking to add some camping flood lights to our bed rack, thinking of this kit from KC. Does anyone have a similar setup? Is anyone running chase lights that can switch between beam patterns to easily switch to some camp lighting?
  13. T Bolt For Bed Rack Install on ReTrax XR

    Ok yall, where are you getting your T Bolt to install your backs on your ReTrax tonneau covers? I'm having trouble finding WIDE M8 x 35 T bolts. There are lots of regular m8x35 tbolts, but using the wide ones is key for the use of a bedrack onto the XR cover right? These are the ones I am about...
  14. Fox 2.0 Coil-over Install Help

    Hey all. Got the rears of the Fox 2.0 kit on super easy. When disconnecting the swaybar end links from the spindle for the front, the nut just spins. I watched a few videos and it seems most people use a small impact to get it off. I don't have a small one, just one with 1400ft-lbs of take-off...
  15. Chris' 2021 Cactus Grey XLT 4x4 "Overland" build

    Going to start off ownership right with the creation of this journal! Going to be your typical "Overlanding" build, nothing crazy. this will mostly be for my trip logs and such. Coming from my built-out 1999 4Runner (which is for sale!) Brought her home on 6/11/2022 Went straight to...