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  1. Transmission Any Better with 2023's?

    Since it's the exact same transmission, I'm going to guess there's no change.
  2. Ford won't show vehicles at car shows???

    They're not alone or unique - about half of the manufacturers skipped the show tour last year. When you don't have enough inventory to meet demand, what's the sense in spending millions on additional promotion?
  3. Cosmo Weems

    I just heard Cosmo Weems passed away in the past day or two. For those of us who are gear and outdoor nerds, dude was a legit blast. I loved watching his reviews of his trailer and the various gear he bought for it. Seeing him use his Subaru to drag his trailer into all sorts of places he...
  4. Cleaning Tremor Seats

    I've been victim of those types can't pass deals many times myself lol
  5. Cleaning Tremor Seats

    That's the one
  6. Cleaning Tremor Seats

    I clean mine every few months. I use the Sonax alcantara cleaner with a small bristle brush for the Miko. I use Carpro interior cleaner for the rest. A year and 25,000 miles later they look and feel new.
  7. Ford pass Remote start.

    So I can remotely start with fob and with app but the scheduled start hasn't worked since daylight savings
  8. 12V Cooler

    I did the same thing with my Ecoflow River Pro and the Wolf Haus for a week in Wyoming in July. Never an issue.
  9. Heated seats

    Same. I live in the Midwest and I never crank the heat - I give two or three minutes of a head start, walk out, those seats are toasty and down the road we go.
  10. VW Headlight Calibration?

    Adaptive headlights. We'll have them soon - by 2024.
  11. Rear Ride height a Design defect caught tooo late?

    The bumper on mine isn't useful as a step when the bed is full and the tailgate is down. Yours might be different.
  12. Rear Ride height a Design defect caught tooo late?

    The reason is capacity measured in cubic dimensions. Because the Ranger bed is shorter and, most importantly, more narrow than it's competition, the height allows Ford to have the same amount of cubic storage space. Look at a Ridgeline - the bed is a tad longer but much wider. In order to...
  13. New Ranger, Poor Mileage so far...

    It took several thousand miles before I saw decent mpg. Mine was between 17-18 mpg until I hit the 3-5000 mile mark. Now I get 20 or so.
  14. Antennas and repeaters

    Do you participate in emergency AUXCOMS?
  15. Newbie Needs Acquisition Advice!

    I ended up up finding a decent deal and have been driving it for almost a year. If I had to do again I'd order from Granger - 3% under invoice. We ordered my girlfriend's Explorer from them and it was a super good deal and great process.
  16. Antennas and repeaters

    Emergency management position - communications unit leader.
  17. Newbie Needs Acquisition Advice!

    I couldn't find any dealers in the Costco program that would play ball. They all advised demand was too high and there was no need for them to honor the Costco pricing.
  18. Antennas and repeaters

    For all the radio geeks out there, last day of COML and we're playing with some neat toys.
  19. Tremor Mud Flaps

    I did a long off-road trip in July that was everything from deep sand to boulder fields to deep mud ruts and everything in between, and had no issues with my RokBlox. I didn't get into hardcore rock crawling but that was about the only thing I missed.
  20. Are colors options regional?

    Best I can tell, Byron has mine, a Rapid Red, two black ones (one Tremor), two Cactus Grey, a white one, and a magnetic grey one. I'm always on the watch lol.