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  1. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    10-4 Only thing planned at moment is Nov 10th - 12th I will be camping.
  2. Power and coax from dash mount radio

    What wattage is your radio? Using the 12v outlet as a source of power may be ill advised.
  3. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    When is your next trip to the dragon planned? I need an excuse to go.
  4. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Yeah but sometimes the juice ain't worth the squeeze. Money is cool and all but when you rotate between a long and short week and for a month straight you're basically working nothing but long weeks you're like screw my work screw the money screw my life. 💩
  5. MAP on strike and two others;

    The point is you are still buying Chinese, just paying more.
  6. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    So I rolled the dice and possibly expensive mistake but I think it will work out like I imagine. I took measurements of my roof and check measurements of a product and took measurements of my patience (lol) and the conclusion was I ordered a 4x4 victory roof rack technically made for a gen2...
  7. Colorado Yakima Baseline Towers (set up for HD bars) $150 Shipped (US)

    Yea that is my problem, my truck is so new no one has parts for it yet. Patience is not a strong virtue of mine now a days. lol
  8. Colorado Yakima Baseline Towers (set up for HD bars) $150 Shipped (US)

    Are the different clips vehicle specific or is this somewhat universal? I could use these on a testing project for my new Colorado, but I am insure if I would run into issues mounting them?
  9. MAP on strike and two others;

    Bingo. I roll my eyes at the "I buy only American crowd" which is as cringe-worthy as the firearms community that chants "mill-spec is best" - which is generally the exact opposite of what they think. All a "made in America" claim mostly does is gives them this omnipotent ability to charge...
  10. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    No man! It is from the old crime thriller movie "SE7EN". lol That was his exact line; "WHATS IN THE BOX?!" Yea you don't want to see what was in the box... That movie spawned a bunch of meme gifs of that scene.
  11. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Please tell me I am not the only one...
  12. Which is the best catch can

    Of course they make them for other engines, why limit the pool of people who you can trick into giving you money? Because of the design of the ecoboost engine? How does this even make logical sense? If it was required for the engine to function properly or longevity it would have been...
  13. Which is the best catch can

    None of them they are a snake oil product. I'm still trying to figure out after all these years how people randomly decide they need this product for their vehicle. Ask yourself this why does a Ford accessory Branch offer this for sale but it's not included from the factory? Because it's only...
  14. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    I have not looked into mounting points on the front end yet, but I am sure there are ways. The storage containers are double walled PLANO heavy duty ammo crates. I added cabinet gas struts to keep them propped open and also added camlocks with weather caps. All stuff that you can get via...
  15. !

    No kidding. I am waiting for at least one company to finally get a clue and allow you to opt for vinyl flooring on any trim level As someone who spends more hours in a patrol vehicle than in my own home, I love vinyl flooring. It can be 5 years old and all it takes is a little soap & water...
  16. !

    While I tend to agree when it comes to mostly cosmetic up-sale packages (Yea I am talking about you $13,000+ Roushe owners... sorry) I am not sure I understand your thought process regarding a trim top tier truck. These prices are the new norm, its not going back. Those of you thinking it...
  17. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Work has been keeping me busy, but I've gotten a little more done, as well as slight change in design plans; For starters I had to address an issue I was putting off, the rear and front rack attachment points to the bed. My rack is designed for a 6 foot bed even though I originally purchased...
  18. Tuner / tuner options

    I used a 5-Star 93 performance tune for over 3 years with zero issues.
  19. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    It was not a wide spread problem and unfortunately for Chevrolet, it happened to a well known YouTube channel host who also happened to buy one for his own personal use. A nothingburger amplified to the max is my feeling on that. I believe the issued was resolved on any trucks coming out of...
  20. KUAT Ibex - ordered - send questions

    The only thing I don't like it is it is only rated for 300lbs dynamic off road load. Though I'm sure I could rectify that with some custom up-armor.