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  1. Driveline Vibration??

    Search function is your friend here. There are many threads chronicling Ranger vibrations, with several varying "solutions". Best of luck!
  2. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    We had one when I was growing up. Quite useful for reducing paper-type stuff quickly.
  3. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I bought some of the orange stuff that supposedly is good below freezing when we moved to Prescott. I hope it works when the time comes to switch them, which for us will be sooner than later it seems. Nights are now sometimes in the high 40's 🤪
  4. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

  5. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Maybe it was just too hard for them to spell. Count your blessings!
  6. Anybody Seen Dave?

    Never use a small word when a big word will do!
  7. I hit a high curb and have a tire replacement question

    The only thing I swerve for is a human. Anything else I think I might hit will get serious brake pressure in as straight a line as I can hold. If I hit it, I hit it and will let insurance deal with the aftermath. I've seen, and we've all read stories about people who swerved to miss something...
  8. For those with Tremor Package

    Because he said this: "Close to 14 mpg is rare and happens when on level streets, no wind and 50-55 mph. Interstate at 65 mpg is usually 12mpg. With wind and hills, it will be closer 10 mph. This is all with whatever premium gas is available (91 in CA, 92 in OR/WA, 93 other areas)." I didn't...
  9. For those with Tremor Package

    That's really bad. Like...something might be wrong kind of bad.
  10. Better flow, less noise, modified OEM exhaust with Magnaflow muffler

    Remember to post a report after you've driven it some. I'd like to do something like you're doing someday. When I have money to burn.
  11. Wow...thats impressive!

    I reckon this could morph into another "Where's Dave" thread. That's up to yall, although I suspect it's going to be a waste of time to try and go in that direction. I'd love to see @AzScorpion back in the forum as much as any of you all, but I'm not holding my breath anymore.
  12. I might got myself a Raptor, kind of accidentally

    It'll be awesome, and you'll have new and BIG adventures with it.
  13. Wow...thats impressive!

    ..."damn shit cats..." Gotta be the phrase of the day. I still can't stop laughing! I'll use that line in some fashion when next I speak to @AzScorpion. 😉
  14. Need help looking for a vehicle for wife

    My wife had a CRV and loved it. She was rear ended by a semi early last month and she was not excited about driving it any more so she traded it for a 2024 HRV Sport.
  15. I might got myself a Raptor, kind of accidentally

    You do you...and all is right with the world. We look forward to seeing the new ride for sure!
  16. Wow...thats impressive!

    No, he did not, according to him. His contention is that it should have been moved elsewhere if necessary and that he wasn't seeing any harm in those threads.
  17. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Straight out of the spray bottle. I didn't buy the concentrate.
  18. Wow...thats impressive!

    Yeah, about that dental work...are you doing OK? Will you be long before getting replacements and getting back to normal? Hang tough, man!
  19. Wow...thats impressive!

    And you really don't want that damper anyway. It's known to ruin even the most manly of physiques.
  20. Wow...thats impressive!

    Yes there is a section for off topic conversations. Thanks for mentioning that! So why is it the "Where's Dave" threads weren't moved there instead of apparently being deleted altogether, I wonder? Like I said, we can talk about Chevy truck builds and pictures and guns, and even share jokes...