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  1. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

    What??? Now that's just not right! You need to get your priorities straight. lol 😜 😁
  2. Odometer shots

    I was going to message you the other day figured you see it in your email but then I forgot. :headbang: I was thinking maybe Antifa got ahold of you but then I remembered you're armed and they'd cry like like little baby. 😂
  3. Odometer shots

    There's NO stopping him! 🤪 Good to see you back on Bryan...Where you been hiding?? 😷
  4. OK I am going to open a can of worms.... What wax do you use on Oxford White?

    As @Radioman said there's a ton of posts already in the detailing section here. Lots of good info for all sorts of detailing from the interior to the exterior to pressure washers. Here's one of my posts on all the products I use.
  5. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

    Well I hate to work today so I'm getting a late start. 😜 Yes OP you forgot the required tailgate damper, all the kool guys have one here and the others, well they're suffering with damper envoy!🤪 I'll help you out with a link for one and you can use code WELCOME at checkout for free shipping...
  6. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

    Yes you do..... but that's a whole other subject! 😜 :crazy:
  7. Correct Fuel Gauge/Miles to empty

    You should see better mpg once you get more miles on yours. I was getting around the same 360-380 and now that I have 9000 miles on mine I'm around 420. I will still see lower if I'm into the boost more. It's been said before that it's either Eco or Boost you can't have both. This is going to...
  8. How about some Jokes

    I'm all for this! 😷
  9. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    I've had many a conversation with him and it falls on deaf ears.
  10. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    It's bad to run any vehicle low as the fuel keeps the pump cooler. I'm guilty of doing it on occasion but try to fill up around 1/4 tank. I have a friend who's so darn cheap he puts in $10.00 every other day. He's afraid if he gets in an accident and totals his car he'll lose out on the gas...
  11. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I'll wear it while in my rocker smoking my pipe. 🤪
  12. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Between getting my first senior discount Saturday night and these suicide knobs now I'm really feeling old. 😷
  13. How about some Jokes

    Ok,I'm glad it's just not me because I don't get it either. Even asked my girlfriend and she said "huh"? lol :crazy:
  14. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I just got my new electric power washer and foam cannon last week. I sold all 3 of my gas ones when I moved out here and I had an older foam cannon and wanted a newer one. I do like the electric one for the truck as it's not as powerful as my gas ones. Also it shuts off after releasing the...
  15. What is something you love, and something you dislike about the Ranger?

    That's what I have mine named on the Ford App. :curse:
  16. Incorrect Distance to empty

    You're right Jim it's a very long walk. Thankfully I didn't have to find that out and won't try that again. We were just coming from the I-17 and I knew there were several stations just as you get off and enter into Flagstaff. Wouldn't you know it I caught every single red light until I got to...
  17. Post your off-road pics.

    Please tell me that wasn't a Tacoma pulling you out? lol
  18. How To Install Tailgate Damper

    My first thought was the damper too. Then when I lubed it and that didn't work I figured it had to be the hinges as they're the only other moving parts. Glad it worked out and maybe you could donate your other damper to Terry @FoD. He's exhausting me trying to convert him.....I'll even pay for...
  19. How about some Jokes

    What's even worse is they couldn't even keep up with the power this summer. Now they want to do away with all gas vehicles and go all electric? :headbang::facepalm:
  20. what is this clip in the center console box for?

    I don't have that problem,I've been working out...I'm huge. 😜