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  1. Dead battery

    That sucks. Maybe time to invest in a jump box to keep in the truck? I have one for basically this purpose of coming back to a dead truck, and even worse maybe at a place with no people around and no cell service to get help.
  2. Odometer shots

    I don't know about him specifically, but I can get the same realm of mileage. For me it's mostly low speeds (very rarely do we do freeway driving or anything above 65mph), relaxed and conservative driving style (I'm the guy every lead foot gets frustrated by because it takes me 1/2+ mile to get...
  3. newbie intro

    Oh I'm pretty young, relatively speaking for this forum I've found. haha I just turned 30 this summer, so I was at Tech 2008-13. Got an unoriginal ME degree. haha Though I do have a minor in Structural Materials and Composites, which works perfectly for my job. Spent a lot of time with the pep...
  4. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    Got my first scratch literally the next morning after driving it home from the dealer, less than 24hrs of ownership. Upset at the time, but it was definitely a reliever. I've since added a handful more scratches and dings. Definitely a less stressful life.
  5. Correct Fuel Gauge/Miles to empty

    True, but it is nice to at least have the ability to get really good gas mileage, relatively speaking. The EcoBoost is the best of both worlds in my mind. Plenty of power when you need it, but wonderfully efficient when you don't. I tend to lean quite a bit to the latter. haha Yeah, it...
  6. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    I always figure what do I have it for if not for using. If I'm paying for it I might as well get my money's worth out of it and use it for what I got it for. And I'm definitely doing that. A couple scrapes, scratches, and bangs here and there is just part of a vehicles life.
  7. Infotainment Screen went black while driving.

    Mine has done this a couple times in the last few days. I've just let it be when it happens and it's come back on it's own after anywhere from 10-30 seconds. If it persists after the update I plan to apply here within the next couple days, then I'll consider bringing it up at my next oil change...
  8. newbie intro

    Nice! My brother works for the US Forest Service up there in Ely so we head up that way quite a bit. And we also just love cruising around the Superior National Forest as well in general.
  9. Correct Fuel Gauge/Miles to empty

    I don't necessarily "regularly" get 400+ miles on a tank, but it's been known to happen quite a few times. In fact, I'm quite confident I could eek out 500+ if I really wanted and the conditions were right. I usually get about 350 on a tank of just work commuting. In a clean profile on a nice...
  10. newbie intro

    Hey! I've been waiting to see some Yooper Rangers on here! haha I grew up in da Yoop and even went to Tech. My wife and I try and make it over that way (from Duluth) at least once a year. Been 4 times already this year. haha She fell in love with the place the first time I brought her. It's...
  11. Correct Fuel Gauge/Miles to empty

    To be fair, I'm sitting at almost 27800 miles right now, having used about 95 tanks of fuel. So I've got a lot more data to work with. haha Both for the truck to learn better and for me to have more highs and lows to pick from. haha I've had it say as low as ~220 miles to empty before. That's...
  12. BOLO: Thule roof carrier

    I have a similar style one leftover from my Subaru. My model: The model you're looking for?:
  13. Correct Fuel Gauge/Miles to empty

    The estimation after filling the tank? Or the most miles driven on a tank? Estimation max: ~430 Driven max: 443 with 43 to empty Could definitely get 500+ miles on a tank under the right circumstances.
  14. FX4 Shocks

    Yeah, the FX4 shocks should only come on an FX4 packaged truck, and it should be pretty easy to determine if you have one of those.
  15. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    Same. My mileage is all over the place with how different my driving types are. I've actually had the DTE be higher after 100 miles of driving than it was at the beginning of the tank (251 DTE at start of tank after pulling trailer, then 260 DTE after 100 miles of commute driving on that tank)! haha
  16. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    I've seen a few other people experience the same thing (50miles at a 1/4 tank mark) on here. Not sure what's going on there. But either way, the number is just a general reference, not something to be taken too seriously anyways. The gauge is more accurate. Or even just the miles driven with the...
  17. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    Really? That's weird. Might need to take it into the dealer and create a big fuss about it. haha
  18. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    I don't have anything specific, just a more general statement of how continuously impressed I am with the off-road ability of my stock FX4. We've taken it places I fully expected to high-center, scrape the hitch, get the wheels off the ground, start spinning wheels, etc. But none of that has...
  19. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    Same. Not necessarily because of my dad, but because of experiences, both my own and others'. No less than 1/4 tank in the summer, and no less than 1/2 tank in the winter.
  20. Fuel Gauge/miles to empty

    The light doesn't come on at 1/4 tank, it comes on at 50 miles to empty. If it comes on at 1/4 tank then that's purely a coincidence, or you're really hammering on it. The distance to empty is purely a guideline and reference, not an accurate number. I would use it only as a guideline, not a...