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  1. RTR Fender Flares

    I might consider getting bigger tires, I'll see how it looks once the flares are on. Awesome truck, thanks for the pics.
  2. RTR Fender Flares

    Dan, do you have pics of your truck prior to the flare with the same tires you’re running now? Would love too see some side shots to see how far your tires stuck out.
  3. RTR Fender Flares

    I will, just waiting for a friend to paint them. Currently it’s being sanded so hopefully he gets done in a couple of weeks, thinking of running a spacer, not sure what size spacer I’m going to need. I should have done a mock install and see the horizontal gap between the tire and outer edge of...
  4. Aloha from Hawaii!

    E Komo mai
  5. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    Hmm, I’ve never experienced that, than again I’ve used a Tonneau for ages, this is good info.
  6. Radar box Adjustment

    So what are you using for the horizontal alignment? What scan tool is the instruction referring too?
  7. RTR Fender Flares

    Did you have to remove the OEM flares from the truck prior to installing? It doesn’t say in the directions and I thought I read somewhere that you had to.
  8. California Fancy Pedal Covers

    Thanks brother!
  9. RTR Fender Flares

    Just saw that the tape attached to the flares are vhb, so probably going to attach a few more strips and pray lol
  10. California Fancy Pedal Covers

    If it’s not too late, count me in for a set.
  11. RTR Fender Flares

    Received the rtr flares, next step is to the body shop to ptm, got the vhb tape to go along with the supplied gear, hopefully that holds. I’m shooting for next week if I have time to install. I also got some smoked aftermarket fender lights to replace the OEM, I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s the...
  12. RTR Fender Flares

    Whatever tape /adhesive that is on the side emblems for example like the F150’s hold up really well, not sure what it is exactly yet. I’m sure I’ll be creative enough to make it work working with the undersides as you suggested.
  13. RTR Fender Flares

    Sorry to hear it flew off. Mine is arriving in the mail soon, you mentioned it’s held by two clips, is there room to add more clips? Also copy on more adhesive, hmm I cleaned off the the rear of the tuck to add a tailgate led bar and used adhesion promoter and the supplied 3M tape and it still...
  14. Cheap DIY Bed Lighting

    Just saw the whole video. I know I speak for many when I say awesome @quangdog.
  15. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    Can you take a pic of how that looks like? I’m curious
  16. 2019 Ford Ranger OEM Splash Guards

    Anyone got the install guide? For those of you that have them installed, do you foresee any issues trying to make it fit on aftermarket flares?
  17. RTR Fender Flares

    Ok, I’m about to pull the plug on the rtr flares, I’ll see if I can mod it to accept the OEM flaps, I love those things, only thing that will stop me is clearance, hopefully the fox 2.0 and crash bars removed will be enough. You guys are lucky living on the mainland, I gotta pay like 200...
  18. Reinstalling axle nut after leveling kit install

    Be very careful using the jack stands, stay out of the way should the truck fall.
  19. RTR Fender Flares

    Unfortunately, I just got an email from RTR, the OEM mudflaps won’t work.
  20. RTR Fender Flares

    Does this work with the OEM mud flaps? I’m almost ready to pull the trigger.