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  1. Vanity Mirror Question

    Harbor freight vanity mirror here. Oh and a flash light if she needs lights to do her makeup.:giggle:
  2. Ford Family

    LOL gotta say you have fantastic taste. Here’s a photo. Of my rides. Momma gets groceries in the stang. I daily the PU.
  3. Painted stock wheels

    She’s been rolling around for almost 3 years now on the dipped stock wheels. For an investment of about $30. I think I did em in the spring of 2018 for her.
  4. Painted stock wheels

    Might want to try plasti dip. That way if you don’t like it it’ll peal right off. My daughter did her mustang wheels 2 years ago and it’s held up well.
  5. 2019 Ranger RWD Body lift?

    I don’t know how handy you are with a grinder & welder. But what I did was cut about an 3/4 of an inch off the back crash bar with a cutting wheel. Then boxed it in with with some bar stock. It took about 45 minutes to do this. Vs removing all the crap that goes along with installing...
  6. Who is getting a Ranger extended warranty? - POLL

    I never used an extended warranty. Only had one car die on me in 35 years of new cars ownership. And that was a Plymouth. So I just stuck with Ford. My luck with Fords has been 100%.
  7. This is how it should look from factory - Lariat FX4 Magnetic

    The flairs seam to make all the difference in the world on these trucks.
  8. Air Dam Delete? Mod your old air dam to fill the gap

    I don’t really mind the gap After the air dam removal. But you handy work looks great. I might have to get a saws all out and duplicate your work.:like:
  9. LATCH/Isofix for the Center Seat

    A nurse went out to your car and inspected YOUR vehicle? You gotta be shitting me. I would have told her to f#&k off.
  10. Water/Meth Injection Kit

    I ran a snow kit on my big turbo srt-4 back in the day. It was set on a boost controller and would come on and shut off at 10 psi. i had a 6 nozzle on the hot side and an 8 nozzle on the cool side. My only advice is to get the biggest tank possible. As the stuff runs out fast if you get on it...
  11. The Latest K0ol Thing!

    Its hard being a cool kid. Not everyone understands your brilliance. :wink:
  12. Spacer to Height conversion.

    Nope itll just move the wheel and tire farther outboard.
  13. Tire recommendations for 2019 Lariat FX4 with Ford Performance Level Kit

    Love the flares. Really sets the truck off and gives it some attitude.
  14. Tire recommendations for 2019 Lariat FX4 with Ford Performance Level Kit

    No not a must. But with the stock wheels the tire sits right next to the aluminum knuckle. Maybe an 1/8 of an inch. Maybe a little less. I didn’t measure. Heres a photo. As long as you never air down the tires. I would think you could get away with it. Tires seam to find a way of airing down all...
  15. New 20 inch wheels. One step closer!

    I like em. Going in a lowered sports truck direction is different fron the lift everyone does. Different is good. I bet it’ll look killer when its all done. A ranger lightning.
  16. What oil will you be running after your 1st oil change?

    Hard to beat Mobil 1 synthetic for the price Walmart sells it at.
  17. Anyone go smaller and get 15”s?

    Plasti dip is another option. Extremely cheap. And if it get scratched. You just peal it off and hit em again. I did this to my daughters stock Mustang wheels. And she’s been rollin around for about 2 years now. Still holding up.
  18. Premium fuel?

    Im not really directing the tune thing at anyone. Maybe one individual In particular. For the record. I’m in the modify the F#$k out of everything camp. You wanna slap a 6 inch lift, a set of 36 inch tires and a big turbo On your truck. I got your back! Push the boundaries of what people say you...
  19. Pet Peeves

    This is more a peeve with ford more so than the truck. But the fact that they cheaped out on the bed tie downs. Originally 6. Now only 4.
  20. Premium fuel?

    What needs to be modified to run ONE Extra gallon of ethanol mixxed with 87 octane on the ecoboost? You seem to have all the answers. So please save me from myself. Are we still going with the fuel system is maxed out in its current stock state? Or are we going with the pcm is to stupid to...