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  1. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    It's been 90's with high humidity the last 2-3 weeks No outdoor shooting for me.
  2. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    G30 Gen4 w/TruGlo TFX Pro-TLR-6 G26 Gen5 w/Glock Night Sights G42 w/TruGlo TFX Pro HK VP9SK LE w/Night Sights Sig P365 w/Night Sights-CT Green Laser Walther PPQ 45 M2 TruGlo TFX Pro-TLR-7 Kahr P380 w/Night Sights and I want a G21...
  3. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    9mm 124gr ammo available at Targetsports. Their own brand for $16.55 a box w/Prime and $17.99 without. Hurry!
  4. Premium fuel?

    I believe it will take more than one tank to feel a difference.
  5. Why synthetic blend oil?

    Maybe cost but I go full synthetic.
  6. Premium fuel?

    A lot of opinions here but I go with 93 Premium Shell or BP.
  7. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I've bought in bulk a few times from below. They usually have inventory on 45 ammo. I'm looking for some more 380 from them. I've never seen 124gr 9mm new on their site. Just 115 and it's pricey. No issues with this ammo and like Sig Sauer ammo, it shiny and pretty.:) I just bought a 250...
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    Thanks, BDoc. $21.09 now. I would have bought some at $16 even with having about 2500 rounds of 45. Things are going to get a lot worse ammo and gun wise.
  9. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Well, I sold a pistol to my brother and thinking of selling another one but I did pick up this house defense and range toy which should be delivered to my FFL Thurs or Friday. Streamlight TLR-1s tactical light already ordered. Walther PPQ M2 45ACP 12+1
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    USCAA Higher Bail Bond coverage Civil damage coverage No fee for expert witnesses No lost/theft firearm coverage Free 50 state coverage No compensation while in court among other things As Aeroshot said, CCW Safe seems better. All 3 compared...
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    I have USCCA. The cost is $60 a month for me and my wife with the top coverage option. I don't see the need to carry two carry insurance companies.
  12. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Yeah, I know. It's just a feel good thing but I think I'll cancel the order.
  13. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Glock changed the recoil springs to a bit heavier version on my G26 Gen 5. I'll probably keep that stock set up but for the G30, I ordered a stainless steel recoil set up from Lone Wolf last night. Why? I feel better with a SS guide rod vs polymer. I changed out the guide rods to SS on my Kahr...
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    Yeah, I have used Glow On in a lime green which worked ok. but you can't beat fiber optic sights in daytime, though...
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    The G30 is very, very nice. Even my wife loves it. The only negative is it is to wide to carry which is no big deal with us. I'm fine carrying my other pistols. My wife loves carrying her G42.
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    Bryan, Dave is correct. I have trouble picking up the regular sights and night sights at the indoor range with my aging eyes. The TruGlos help a lot.
  17. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Went to the range today with my wife. The G30 has very minimal recoil and stays on target and is very accurate. Very happy with the gun. My wife did well shooting it too. I left the range today without the G30. The gunsmith will be installing some Truglo TFX Pro combo night sights/fiber optic...
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    I like loading at the range. Gives me and the guns a break. I'm never timed at my range. I can go over an hour and have gone with and without the wife or a buddy 90 minutes without any problem.
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    Hey, 1911 lovers! Who has one?
  20. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Sheet! Now I must order that set up . The Glock loader sucks with the 45, 9mm and .380.