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  1. New Product - Morimoto XB LED Replacement Headlights

    looks like those cool Acura headlights
  2. Board across the back of the bed?

    I'm looking at this and thinking how cool it would be to have...but alas I cannot since I have a swing out box. :| I might however try to do a three-legged chingadeer that uses the forward board slots and tie into a dog-leg there on the other side of the wheel wells...then use a bungee or some...
  3. Strange siting near Flagstaff

    I think FCA will probably fit it out as both a Dakota AND Wagoneer. ALTHOUGH...I think with them bringing out the Gladiator...I think they may actually dip into the name bag and possibly bring out the old Jeep J10 Honcho name...Golden Eagle is possible too but Honcho just sounds cool I think...
  4. What's your brake pads life span?

    Are you sure it wasn't happening when you were listening to Einstürzende Neubauten? :P
  5. What's your brake pads life span?

    hell after 10k miles my rotors have NO odd wear or such noted on them? nice, smooth brake feel on my end and living/driving in houston you have to hit the brakes quite often :\
  6. Fuel Economy Lawsuit

    God I hate to be "that guy" but I have to ask...can this possibly be another mfg possibly setting a group of lawyers after Ford since they are doing so well? Not that I'd EVER believe that would happen...cough cough...🤫
  7. Any owners with real world fuel economy feedback?

    I've been playing around with it here and there...using tow mode to change up how it shifts and such...with no load of course it doesn't affect the economy in a noticeable amount. I am still driving it as I did when I rolled off the lot a bit over 10k miles ago and pen and paper mileage is 22-23...
  8. row of Red LEDs on the dash

    huh...I don't have the fancy LED's but I DO have a "collision warning" that flashes on my center 4.3 screen... :( I want leds
  9. transmission service

    on my 2005 F150 the trans cooler had quick connects you could use...I know our cooler is down under the vehicle near the trans...does this have quick connects that can be used in the same manner possibly?
  10. Turbo Lag

    have you tried just driving around with the tow mode on? I've noticed better shifting and that may help?
  11. transmission service

    on my wifes old 2005 Ford Escape we were forced to do a similar type of service. pull the plug and you would drop say about 6 qts of fluid, replace that fluid, drive around for about 5-10 miles, drop another 6 quarts of fluid and replace, drive around for another 5-10 miles, and do one more...
  12. Additional Gauges

    ultragauge is cool but there has to be a PID for it to work. and there is no PID for oil pressure. :(
  13. Additional Gauges

    P.A. (or others that have this wisdom) has anyone that you know of come up with A) a nice a-pillar gauge trim piece and B) a good location where to put an electro-mechanical transducer for oil pressure on the 2.3? I am admitting laziness here as I figure they have and would likely be in a...
  14. Additional Gauges

    hopefully you will get a response lol I've been hunting for an oil pressure PID and no joy so far. I've heard some folks actually wire in a pressure transducer for the oil and then just have it go to a wired up gauge. I will be watching this thread with interest. I've been using the OBDlink...
  15. E85 question.

    like I is where alcohol is best lol
  16. E85 question.

    I've seen actual dyno results where in most cases E85, being significantly cheaper than race fuel AND available at more locations, is used in high compression, NON-DI applications with results near as makes no difference the same as Rocket brand race fuel. THE that the octane rating...
  17. E85 question.

    E85 has roughly a 110-112 octane you can crank your timing WAY up. More timing means you can get more power generally.
  18. 10k already

    got mine in late april and I'm at just over 9k. truth be told I need to drive my wife's car since she is working from home now. that would help alot in my case. but it is hard to leave the truck at home lol
  19. Should I Buy 2 New Rangers or Wait for Courier

    I've heard some report that the maverick/courier will use the driveline from a transit connect. the connect can haul 2k when its kitted out for trailers. I see a ton of them around here for all kinds of deliveries...even some personal vehicles since they can be set up for handicap access easily...
  20. Horrible MPG's

    same here even this close to the refineries :P 1.65 or so for 87, about 2.20 to 2.40 a gallon for 93 depending on where you're at. you can find it cheaper at places like Sams Club most of the time or go to like Kroger and use your fuel points to get it cheaper.