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  1. 2019 XLT sport 4x4 Iconic Silver for $36,622?

    I thought 2019's were 84 mo 0%? What option packages?
  2. Ford bug deflector -- Big disappointment!!

    The Aeroskin II? I'm very happy with mine. Got it on Amazon though.
  3. Waterproof in-bed storage box?

    Anyone tried this soft sided cargo box from Cabelas/BassPro? A bit pricey but reviews are good.
  4. Draw-Tite 76275 on ebay

    Just order it from etrailer. $125 +tax. Free shipping.
  5. Husky Weather Beater mats

    Very happy with my Weatherbeaters. When I ordered them I was concerned they would slide around since I have vinyl floor in my STX, but the fit is solid with no movement at all.
  6. Ford Door Sill and Rocker Panel Armor

    $225 now on fleabay. $181 from Stage 3.
  7. Line X Insane Prices?

    I got the LineX premium for $580 cash out the door. Best mod money spent according to the wife. She just rolls her eyes at the other accessories I've purchased.
  8. Husky Weather Beater mats

    Ordered mine 3 weeks ago through Amazon. Fronts showed up yesterday and rear today. No notification from Amazon they were shipped.
  9. Website format

    Using mobile, so no nav bar at top. Using lightning icon doesn't clear read posts. Hit icon, new posts come up, read new posts in a thread, click icon again to again see unread posts, and the post I just read is still there.
  10. FordPass not working

    Tried to use my Fordpass yesterday to remote start the truck. Getting a 'Please enable in-vehicle Connectivity settings to access this feature'. Tried following app instructions to turn on connectivity, menu options didn't match instructions. Tried using the 'guide' chat. Way to slow, had me...
  11. Strange volume control behavior?

    I wonder if this is connected to my FordPass app no longer communicating with the truck. It says no connectivity, but the directions they give to fix it don't jive with the prompts on my system.
  12. Website format

    I've also noticed a change in layout in the last week. Getting to new posts used to be 1 click, now it's 3 every post. The changes haven't been very intuitive.
  13. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    I don't see a sig for him. Maybe it doesn't show up in the mobile version of the forum.
  14. Factory Oil Drain Plug

    Aluminum oil pans are nothing new. As you said, short wrench and snug it up. I've seen vehicles come in where the drain was barely finger tight and they weren't leaking. No reason to armstrong it.
  15. Factory Oil Drain Plug

    I've done at least 1 oil change on a Ford product nearly every workday for 35 years. I can't recall but once or twice having to replace the drain plug. The only time they need replacement is if the hex is starting to strip or the threads are starting to strip due to constant over tightening.
  16. Adding Power Seats to a Ranger XL

    XL has manual lumbar adjustment.
  17. Driver manual seat height adjustment

    Yes. Turn the knob.
  18. 2021 Ranger

    We've had the auto stop/start on the Escape for nearly 3 years, and now on my new 2019 Ranger. I don't even notice it, and if it's getting me better mileage I'm all for it. But it's not just about mileage, it's also about carbon credits. Many manufacturers have auto stop/start, and I would...
  19. 2021 Ranger

    Not all models have the 110v option.
  20. Auto up and down window switches

    Pretty sure it's not just switches. Programming in the body module controls it.