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  1. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I got to see my Ranger for the first time and take it for a drive! It arrived at the dealership last Saturday one week earlier than expected. It can't come home yet, the dealer is going to install the Ford Performance/Borla exhaust when it shows up.
  2. 2021 Ranger XL Adds New STX Special Edition Package for Upgraded Tech, Wheels and Interior Finishes

    The lovely wife would have appreciated the dual zone ac/heat on my 2020 XL/STX. Her Escape has it and she likes that feature. It's good to see Ford giving the "lesser models" some additional improvements, though. :)
  3. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    I saw three while out & about yesterday with the lovely wife. Two were blue and one was Magnetic. I still haven't seen a Saber one yet.
  4. Ranger Based Tribute to First Gen. Lightning

    It's not a dumb idea at all. You're describing my "build," more or less. Supercab XL/STX Rear seat delete Electronic locking differential Ford Performanced dual side exit exhaust I have no interest in lifting or lowering, though. I'm considering buying the Ford Performance chase bar. Not to...
  5. Delivery times from factory.

    Update. The Ford tracking page isn't very accurate. My ETA was September 28th. The dealership called me a couple hours ago because my truck arrived this morning. She asked me if I wanted to come up and see it. I can't pick it up yet because there's some accessories to be installed, the Ford...
  6. 2021 Ranger Adds 4 New Colors: Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue

    I hear you. I'm more of a suburban southerner. I did order the electronic locking differential, though.
  7. 2021 Ranger Adds 4 New Colors: Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue

    No interest in a 4 door 4X4. I have a 2020 XL/STX 4X2 Supercab on order.
  8. Ranger Tailgate Lettering

    Anyone got a good outdoor picture of the OEM/Putco Black Platinum letters on a Magnetic tailgate? This is something I still haven't decided on. If there's a subtle contrast, that's the look I'd like to achieve.
  9. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Amazon Just delivered my Husky Weatherbeater front floor mats. In the past couple months I've also received Ignition Bezel from a fellow Ranger5G member FH Seat Covers from Amazon Ford Performance license plate frame from Ebay. No, I did not pay Ford's price , lol. Now I just need the truck...
  10. Delivery times from factory.

    I gave in and asked for the VIN a few days ago, lol. It was "In Production" when I first looked. It now appears to be finished and will get shipped soon. The dealership turned in the order on July 6th. Edit: Good grief, sorry about the way-too-big picture. I also edited the specs of my build...
  11. 2021 Ranger Adds 4 New Colors: Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue

    Glad I didn't wait to order a 2021. Magnetic will do just fine.
  12. Cut The Cable TV: What Are You Using?

    We're using an antenna, lol. We cut off the cable 11 years ago. We have a homemade antenna (a project from my stepson's Cub Scouts days) attached to the TV in the living room and the only time it's ever turned on is when we sit on the couch and eat dinner. There's some show on a crime channel...
  13. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    They're still a little rare around here, but I actually had two sightings this morning. A Magnetic one and a blue one. Both in the Loganville, GA Walmart/Home Depot vicinity. The blue one had the dealer tag on it. (Courtesy Ford)
  14. Delivery times from factory.

    I think I saw that color red on the dealer's lot. It's incredibly vibrant. :) My '86 Ranger was red, so I took a different direction this time around. My salesman called me earlier this week and gave me an update. He said it's scheduled to be built on September 11th ( :eek: ) and if I...
  15. End of model year rebates

    When I placed the order for mine last week, I pointed at the $699.00 Doc Fees and said "We have to negotiate this doc fee." The saleswoman quickly left to one of the nearby offices/cubicles and came back with a $75.00 Doc fee. She apologized, saying the Doc fee for the X Plan was a flat...
  16. Delivery times from factory.

    I placed the order for my XL/STX Supercab last week and I think it'll be for the best to not track it's progress...or lack of progress, lol.
  17. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I placed the order for mine.
  18. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    I saw a silver one this morning while on the way to work. It had company lettering on the sides/tailgate and a ladder rack. :) That makes the 2nd one seen out in the real world.
  19. Past Rangers Owned Thread

    The first picture is a repost from the Intoduction thread. '86 XL, I think? Edit: No, it was a S. Purchased in 1988. 2.0 liter/5 speed. Being a teenager back then, I pushed it pretty hard, As the years went on, I would add a nicer cloth bench seat, XLT aluminum wheels (not in these...
  20. Place for Photography

    Excuse the dirty nails. 9 years ago, we were in the middle of removing a dog pen at my wife's rental property and my stepson spotted this little guy. I had never seen one here in Georgia before or since.