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  1. How about some Jokes

    when you are out of jokes, quote Joe Biden.
  2. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    Who knows, Ford may just put RANGER on the grille for the Ranger Raptor. I like the Raptor-Style grille, it is not about trying to fool anyone, it is about what I want it to look like.
  3. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    It also says that you will answer for your sins to God. Since I will not have to answer for anyone else who uses a Raptor-Style grille. So go ahead, you are the one who will have to answer for your use of the grille. NOT ME, I have to answer for my own usage.
  4. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    you can make it say DOOD and then it would not be like the Raptor grille.
  5. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    They really should call it Velociraptor when they start building on the Ranger.
  6. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    They are upset that they had to spend $53k + for their grill. Do what you want, do not worry about a bunch of people who are jealous. The Rangers look awesome with that Raptor-Style grille, I am surprised that Ford did not think about it as an option (they could have made even more money with...
  7. Cut The Cable TV: What Are You Using?

    FuboTV Pluto Amazon Prime Disney+ CBS All Access HBO Max through AT&T I was tired of paying tons for the NFL Sunday Ticket through DirectV so dropped that $200.00/Month payment. really disappointed in DirectV, I was a customer for over 20 years.
  8. Exterior Light Bulb Replacement

    On my Ranger, the license plate lights were incandescent bulbs. I replaced with LED for brighter white light and not that yellow tint that came standard. The LED run cooler and that is why I replaced mine.
  9. Consumer Reports Likes the Ranger

    For me, I do not like buying something twice. I helped bail them out because of their poor decisions, and I did not want to buy any of their products because they do not care about the consumer. GM does not care what their customers want, they just care about profits. Look at the cars they...
  10. Next Gen Ranger Raptor Bound For US May Have 2.7L V6 EcoBoost Engine

    All I get is blank space when I read between the lines.
  11. Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Installation - 2019 Ford Ranger

    So, I bought mine with the Tow Package. I did not look or even consider not buying without the Tow package equipped. I considered that having that feature added to my purchase would cost me maybe $10 more a month. While I find that it was well worth the price, I am not belittling anyone for...
  12. Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Installation - 2019 Ford Ranger

    With the Factory Tow Package, the wiring is warrantied, the modules, the sensors, and everything that comes as part of the Tow Package. Now days, it is not just a square tube, it is a lot more.
  13. Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Installation - 2019 Ford Ranger

    So, If I only cared about the hitch and wiring, your correct. But I also want the other things that come with the Factory Tow Package, Trailer Sensors, Software (I know can be turned on with FORScan if all of the sensors and modules are installed). When you add that stuff up with the labor, I...
  14. Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Installation - 2019 Ford Ranger

    For $495 one installed from the factory and is covered under warranty seems like a deal to me.
  15. Door Sill Protector

    I am looking for something that was made for my truck. It is an expensive vehicle, and I want to protect as much as possible. So I tend to look to the Ford Accessory page for items and then look to Amazon. Here is what I found from Ford...
  16. I’m a Ranger guy again!

    Welcome Back
  17. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    The mouth on the Ranger looks like it has a grin.
  18. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Like TrebMaxx, I am drawn to the Norton.
  19. Performance, Transmission, Bouncy ride, overall drivability

    I needed a truck, and as with most people, if your other half does not like it, no sense in getting it. I did not like the Ridgeline, it is a car in the shape of a truck. Did not like the Tacoma as everyone complains about their legs being straight out to use the pedals. My wife did not like...