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  1. FordPass Rewards - Accessories

    Went to a dealer and parts guy had to ask someone how to order parts. He returned with a form-“Create new redemption request”. Needed my FordPass Username and the truck’s last 8 of vin. Wanted XLT missing engine cover plate and studs and nuts plus tailgate piston. Nothing in stock. Had to...
  2. Delaware Blind Spot alert light

    thanks I installed a blind spot mirror on each side to view before changing lanes.
  3. Delaware Blind Spot alert light

    Is there a way to adjust the Blind Spot Activation distance? Mine doesn’t activate on the driver’s side until a car to my left is almost at my rear bumper. It’s almost useless at that short distance warning. Read in the manual that the distance increases at higher speeds. Haven’t really...
  4. Thoughts on deal...

    Can’t fly too far. Some rebates are zip code specific. If you register car in an area outside their Zones then the rebate won’t apply.
  5. Thoughts on deal...

    Ask the dealer that specific question. My dealer told me without asking that there is no prepay penalty and it could be paid off anytime. Everyone does it just to get the extra discounts. Think I saveD $3000 because if it.
  6. Thoughts on deal...

    Get their financing and then refinance ASAP. You keep their original price. There is no prepay penalty.
  7. ICONIC SILVER Ranger Club Thread

    Looks exactly line mine. Have fun. I think you can deactivate the auto stop with the button near the shifter.
  8. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Guess I did get a good deal back in end of May in Baltimorewith $6500 off msrp. No Sept deals? But double that off on a 2020 is hard to believe. That would top ALL deals listed on several threads since the 2019 was introduced. Still would like to see the contract for more info o what incentives...
  9. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    read some reviews that were not good. Very small bottle and expensive. Ended up using tire black foam. Looks great even after a few days. Most products fade when they dry.
  10. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    My door handles are real dull. Coated with 303, looked great for a few days. I’ll try Wipe New. My other car’s windshield cowl was always dull and ugly looking. The Ranger has less of a surface.
  11. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Can you show us your sales contract? That’s double what even the most discounted dealers are giving for a 2020.
  12. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    So why do they offer the UV protection for an extra $100 if it doesn’t fade?
  13. Floor Liners Review

    Husky X-Act Contour are more rubbery and thicker Vs WeatherTech that I had in another car. Will see how well they clean up. WeatherTech, once dirty, could not be restored to the original black color even with brush scrubbing.
  14. ICONIC SILVER Ranger Club Thread

    Yes so many other cars these days have similar. Great darker silver. Sport package goes good with it.
  15. ICONIC SILVER Ranger Club Thread

    Here’s mine. Great truck. Starting mods.
  16. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Why would you pay it off earlier at 0%?
  17. Straight Pipe

    saw a late 2019 posting o Saw a posting from you from late 2019, see below. Couldn’t post to it because Is so old? No Reply button. Do you still have the tie downs and bolts that you don’t use?Didn’t see any replies, only Like. Thanks Roger
  18. Newbie question

    Just picked up my 2020 Ranger last week. Still reading through the manual and discovering new things. Spare tire size, yes, not really full size but close. The only other thing different is the yellow Stripe around the tread on the tire. Probably just a surface stripe to differentiate it...
  19. OEM running boards torque specs

    Found the attached on another Ranger 5g posting. Also found on You Tube. 34 lb-ft. I think I did more than that on all bolts. Will just check with torque wrench to ensure.