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  1. TSB 20-2218 Crew Cab - Folding Rear Seat Backrest Assembly Excessive Latching Effort

    You're right, I can't see any dealer going through all these steps. Ford should have just sent out proper size bumpers and been done with it.
  2. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Hey I've got a 3 piece plated clavicle too! I've got plates and screws all over the place. I was going 140 on the race track when this happened. Arm was flopping around like a piece of spaghetti. I rolled for a long time. Stayed conscious the whole time and I'm just thinking... wow I'm...
  3. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Nice. I had the very first 690 KTM came out with. Funny looking bike with a beak. 2007. Very temperamental. Mine had the R upgrades with marchesini wheels. Leo Vince 1 into 2 system that was obnoxiously loud. This is the pic whore thread so here we go... Video camera strapped to my...
  4. 2021 Ranger TREMOR Off-Road Package Revealed

    I just want the grill. I mentioned in the "Blasphemy" thread that I wouldn't put a Raptor grill on a Ranger. But this I would do. Because "Tremor" isn't really a well known name to live up to so it really just comes down to the look of the grill.
  5. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Nice is that a 790 Duke? I used to have a 690 supermoto which was basically a gen 2 Duke with +3" suspension travel. That bike was like a supermodel - hard to live with but she had her moments of wild fun.
  6. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    43 hp worth of fun. Ultralight class 300 cc supersport running MR12 oxygenated gas. Ktech front, Ohlins rear. I'm the guy with the eyes. The guy I'm chasing is on an SV650 in a different class. Mostly this pic is about showing off my sexy eyes. Hahah. All I need is a few hp to have all the...
  7. Never Forget!

    One of the reasons the documentary I mention is not for the feint of heart is that there is video of the firefighters setting up base on the ground floor of the first tower hit, and you can see the look on their faces when they realize they are hearing the sound of bodies splatting on the...
  8. Never Forget!

    This is the only day of the year when I let the flag stay out all night and I put two spotlights on it. Super bright ones. There's a few documentaries out there about it but there's one I recommend. It's called 9/11 from 2002, and it's unique because of the way it was made and produced. It...
  9. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    Wait a minute, to correct the common left side sag, more than the default .25" shim that's already there? If there's an extra shim that comes with this, that's a great thing. can someone please clarify.
  10. 2019 Ranger prone to fuel making its.way into oil?

    My next oil change (my 2nd one - not driving much thanks to Covid) I'm going to pull a sample and send it to Blackstone Labs. Everyone should do that. Not right away though, a couple oil changes in when things settle down. If you have gas in your oil it will show up in the report, and then...
  11. Fuel Economy Lawsuit

    Well... It's frivolous to me, but maybe not frivolous to others. I never cared too deeply about mileage. But I can imagine someone who picked this truck over another truck based only on the MPG number on the sticker to be a little angry. So, ok, I'll call it not frivolous. But that doesn't...
  12. Fuel Economy Lawsuit

    The lawsuit does seem frivolous but it's probably a good thing. makers have to get called out on lies now and then to keep them honest. The problem is I could see Ford doing something stupid like an ECU recall that gives us better mileage that matches the window sticker but makes the truck run...
  13. Turbo Lag

    This. Tromp on the gas and the computer has to decide which gear to be in an then take 1-2 seconds to get there. An eternity. My first Ranger was a manual transmission. Man I miss that. Though in all honesty the Ranger is faster is faster than my Escape at getting in gear and going.
  14. Constantly getting flashed for brights

    Interestingly I've had that issue with my old Escape. (Late model) the lights on that were so damn bright every other car would flash me. Then I'd flash them back with my brights to show them what brights really are - SUPER bright. The car is aimed correct and everything. The lights where just...
  15. Disable fake engine noise

    That's pretty good. if you ever wanted a totally clean representation of the fake engine noise, just splice into the speaker lead and record that without a mic picking up any external noise. When you do it that way it doesn't blend with natural engine noise and sounds shockingly artificial. I...
  16. Damper Shamed!

    I think the angry anal retentive people who typically click that Report button are staying away from this one. I estimate a minimum of 100 pages before we get tired of damper jokes.
  17. Damper Shamed!

    Just found this thread today. Only on page 4. Finger getting tired from handing out likes.
  18. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    I think the part that disturbs me the most about making a Ranger look like a Raptor is the lack of suspension travel. Suspension travel is what the Raptors are all about. 13" of travel - do that to your Ranger and ok, you've earned the right to call it a Raptor. Maybe you can even take some...
  19. As-Built Hacker software

    you guys can talk about courtesy flashes all day but I'm hanging out waiting for something to turn up about fake engine noise. :like:
  20. Good bye Friends....

    Sorry to see you not be a Ranger owner, but you're always welcome to hang out around here of course. But... holy crap... 36K? hard to imagine a trade in value like that. I mean I can't even imagine any used Ranger at any trim level selling for that price at a dealer. Here's something for you...