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  1. California Sold: SVC lift Collars.

    I have a set of SVC spring collars. They have done well and I would do it again. Will level the truck and go under the spring to pre load it, similar to how a snap ring shock works. $75
  2. The Facts: Ford Performance Fox 2.0 Vs. Fox Performance 2.0

    We're actually doing the facts and letting you see the difference between these two Ranger 2.0 Shocks. Are they same? Not even close! Left: Ford Performance 2.0 Right: Fox Performance Series 2.0 Rear Left: Fox Performance Series 2.0 Right: Ford Performance 2.0 Here's also a sneak...
  3. How do I get Ford Pass back?

    I had to master reset my stereo and in the process lost my connection to Fordpass Connect. I have tried selecting "Activate Vehicle" but nothing happens in the truck. Any thoughts? Would love to have this feature available again.
  4. I hate the sync system in this truck. Can't even use my phone anymore.

    I have always been a big fan of the Sync system in Ford vehicles. I had my first one in a 2010 Focus SES, then a 2015 Focus ST, 2016 Explorer (did have to replace the USB in it) My 2019 Ranger and also in our 2022 Mach E. So I'm we'll versed in Sync and been using for over 10 years. All have...
  5. California Sold: Wanted: Factory Front License Plate bracket

    My Factory Front License plate bracket broke off in a carwash. Being in California, I need a front plate. Plus I have personalized plates. I can order a new one but figured I would check if someone has one they don't mind partying with first. Let me know. Thanks
  6. AlphaRex Daytime Running Lights: Amber or White?

    Installing AlphaRex LUXX lights. The question is do I run the Daytime Running Lights as Amber or White?
  7. California Sold: New! Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    Brand New, still in the sealed box, never opened. Bak Revolver X4s Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for 2019-2023 Ford Ranger Crew Cab. Retails for over $1100 plus tax $800 Local pickup only. LA Area
  8. California '19 Aluminum Tailgate shell.

    I have a Tailgate shell that needs a home. I was rear ended a few years ago and they replaced the gate. This has a few small dings, but nothing major. Completely square. Off 2019. $100 bucks take it home. Make a art project or something out of it. ?
  9. 34's installed 285/75R 17 Just leveled.

    Jumped up to 34's. These do measure true 34" at 33.99" from BFG. Lift : Leveled, Running Eibach Pro Truck Stage 2, currently. Wheels: Method 305. 17x9 0 offset. Tires: BF Goodrich KO2 285/75R 17. Mods: Crash Bar delete, egg crates removed from behind wheel wells. No rubbing, unless I pull...
  10. Show me your flat tow setup.

    My truck has now become the towed vehicle from the one towing, as we graduated from a travel trailer to a Motorhome. I want to flat tow the ranger, but do not want to lose the front tow hooks. Are there any options for this or do I need to build my own setup? Thanks in advance
  11. California 17" Magnetic Rims. $200

    Set of 4. They have scratches in them. Great for spares or experiment with new paint color. I was originally going to do these in gold or bronze, which would be very unique. Anyway $200 bucks takes them LA area.
  12. Multiple TPM sensors possible?

    Can you have more than one set of TPM sensors programed for the truck? I'm sure the winter tire guys have delt with this.
  13. Finally pulled the trigger on Method Wheels.

    I have been eyeing wheels for a while now. Was going to do Icons, looked at Dirty Life, went with Method's. I'll post more pics once there on.
  14. California 285/70/17 Falken Wildpeak A/T on stock wheels.

    Moved to new thread.
  15. Brake clip ate a rotor :(

    About a week ago I started having a sound like low brake pads with brake squeal. I thought it was a bit early for that at about 42k on the truck, but since I tow and use to sit in a lot of bumper to bumper LA traffic, I just excepted it. When I pulled the brakes apart for the first time ever, I...
  16. Bilstein 6112 upgrade install video.

    Hey guys this isn't mine, but just saw this install video on this Bilstein upgrade. Pretty nice looking. Curious how they will perform.
  17. 27k miles CEL for O2 sensor.

    Got a check engine light the other day, and when I ran forscan I found out it's a 02 sensor. This seems way to early for a vehicle with 27k miles on it. I took it to the dealership and they said they would need it for 2 weeks, because of covid-19 restrictions, and we're backed up. I ordered...
  18. Leather interior parts coming apart in xlt

    I have various leather ( fake leather) coming apart in my 2019 XLT. I only have 27k on it. Would warranty do anything about this? Note: my truck was one of the first off the line, as ordered in Sept. '18 and received in Feb. of '19 Center console lid. Parking brake boot.
  19. California Sold: Ranger Crew Cab Door plates

    Brand New, never installed. Still in box. $80 shipped or trade for????
  20. So Cal Trail Run Jan 18th.

    We're doing a trail run on Pilot Rock Trail which is a easy senic trail off the 138 in the San Bernardino mts. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. This is perfect for a stock truck to have a little fun. We're Meeting at 9AM sharp at the Chevron/McDonald's parking lots off the 15 at the...