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  1. Smallest Fender Flares

    The Lund and the bushwacker oe are the same size.
  2. FOR SALE: RK Sport fiberglass hood

    Super super interested. Anyway to find out shipping cost. We can talk through pm if you want.
  3. FOR SALE: RK Sport fiberglass hood

    super interested, what price are you looking for
  4. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    From what I have seen in videos on Facebook the rectangle just blinks where it says sequential it moves toward the side of the light. I got mine in just haven't installed them yet. Will try to take some more videos.
  5. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    400 is a respectable amount for most good aftermarket taillights, so 500 isn't too terrible. The facotry ones are listed at 1200 for one but you can get them as low as 700 new for one. They are the only ones on the market so unfortunately they can charge accordingly right now.
  6. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    I'm pretty sure they will. I called the company and they said they fit all models., blis or no blis And if any other harnesses were needed they would be provided. He said they were designed just as the ones for the f150 have been designed. Either way we are about to find out. They just went on...
  7. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    Yeah unfortunately they won't fit the us spec ranger.
  8. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    Yeah that is one thing I noticed. The connector does look like it isi for the XLT and above, but I'm hoping they included some type of adapter. I know 2 of the testers were XL so they should know it is a slighlty different connector.
  9. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    from what i have heard from people that tested the units, blis can be added from your stock taillight.
  10. ANZO aftermarket taillights finally available!!!

    I'm excited these are finally available, they look very well built, I am however disappointed in the price. 695 they do have a 10 percent off email offer. anyway they have black housing with clear lens...
  11. Florida Sold: Air desing side fender vents

    Selling Air Design Side fender vents. These replace the stock side fender vents. Nice addition to your truck. Fits 2019-2022 ford rangers paid 199 through ford parts. $100
  12. Colorado WTB: Lariat Gauge Cluster

    You also dont have to add the lariat buttons and it still works fine.
  13. 3rd Brake Light Replacement

    It's on a clip you just need to pry it off.
  14. 3rd Brake Light Replacement

    I did the entire unit and just pulled the wire out. I did not have to drop the headliner in any way
  15. Aftermarket Tail lights?

    Mine are wrapped with tint film.
  16. A little change up to the stock RTR grille.

    Trying to keep with my silver black and red theme.
  17. Hood Graphics Idea

    Here is my contribution to the thread. If you notice the lines on the right have ranger embossed in the stripe.
  18. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    hello i need to replace my map sensor, are you still doing discount codes?
  19. anyone in here a ford tech? need help with troubleshooting asap

    Yep that 3rd fuse box is a real pain to find based on the manual directions, but I did find it eventually, and I tested each of those by hand due to them being closed top fuses. I tested continuity on each one and they all passed. I do apprricate the info though, I'm pretty sure it has to be a...