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  1. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    Seems to be in stock at Varsity Ford Ann Arbor, Michigan. Where I got mine two weeks ago; shipped same day.
  2. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    Yours does not seem to be the same as what I was experiencing or most that replaced the EGRC sensor. The problem with it seems to be the engine trying to run at too LOW of rpms and using Sport or Tow/Haul mode to keep the rpms up actually helped. ?
  3. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    Just noting another replacement of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation sensor here that COMPLETELY changed how my truck feels. I first noticed a sort of rough idle maybe a month ago (2019 with just over 50K); then it started occasionally stuttering, etc. at low rpms like many here mentioned. Started...
  4. Problem with 4th gear?!

    Can’t exactly say I’m happy you found me but I’ll keep you updated. Should be taking mine in on Wednesday.
  5. Problem with 4th gear?!

    What exactly did they try? As I’ll be attempting to have the same issue handled at my dealer it would be good to know. As for the danger in the lurching shifting, since you mentioned almost getting rear-ended, I had a rough downshift buck me while cornering on to an on ramp last week. It...
  6. Problem with 4th gear?!

    Buyback process?? This has me a little concerned as this 3rd-4th shifting issues is exactly what I’ve been experiencing. Did Ford determine any specific problem to initiate a buyback or did you just decide you’d rather not deal with the fix? I’m at 8500 miles and have thought all along that...
  7. Shorter antenna

    I tried to search for this but everyone in this thread seems the most informed on the antenna so... Is the long removable antenna ONLY for FM/AM reception? I’d like to just get rid of it if so. Also, would there be any issue with having that attachment point open without anything there if I do...
  8. Shuttle trucks!

    Tailgate pad hasn’t arrived yet but the weather was too perfect and the trails were calling. Obviously not the way I want to do it all the time but my 27.5 hardtail lays down fine in the bed with the front wheel removed. Also, used the tow package for the first time. Knew I added that for a reason!
  9. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Look at my Ranger parked next to my bike leaning against my Ranger... :sunglasses:
  10. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    What is that pad you’re using to mount the bike? I’m getting a full-size tailgate pad since I’ve got kids bikes too but I’m super curious about what you’ve got there.
  11. Shuttle trucks!

    Bikes were about 99% of the reason this Ranger is my first truck! Had it only two days so far so no riding trips yet but I’m stoked about how much easier it’s going to make riding and camping for me and my two boys over my Altima. I have a Dakine tailgate pad on the way but did some test fitting...
  12. Any incentives or rebates for April?

    Well, they seem to be doing SOMETHING to move dealer stock in my area at least... New "Red Carpet" Lease Offer. Came across this from an ad on a Popular Mechanics article...
  13. Future Ford Marking prices up??

    Mathews Ford maybe?? I test drove a black XLT there that was pinstriped. I'm going with an XL STX so I didn't look at the window sticker or price at all even to notice what they charged for it though. In general, I feel like they aren't even TRYING to sell these trucks here around Toledo. I...
  14. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    What was the total cost on this? And, showing my ignorance here but, that gets you a typical household-style outlet there?
  15. A/Z Plan AND incentives/rebates??

    Thank you! This sounds like great advice. Hoping to figure this all out and have an order in by next week.
  16. A/Z Plan AND incentives/rebates??

    Thanks. Just knowing IF incentives can go on top of A/Z in general is what I needed. Well... This is what has me nervous after reading here how long some people have waited. I have a family road trip planned for July and not having it by then would definitely be no good. At this point with...
  17. A/Z Plan AND incentives/rebates??

    I'm eligible for Z Plan (father-in-law is Ford retiree) and on the Ranger I've built that figures to about 2K off MSRP. I'm totally okay with that price but am unsure if any other rebates or incentives can typically be applied with A/Z Plan. Yes, I know there's none out there now and a very slim...
  18. STX Orders

    I guess I'll have to double check that as the dealer had told me the spray-in bed and tow would be the same costs as factory. And yeah, I'm coming from a 2003 vehicle so even the smaller screen will be a HUGE upgrade!
  19. STX Orders

    Older thread but figured I'd chime in since I haven't seen much STX talk here... I plan to order a 2WD Magnetic XL with STX package, Co-Pilot 360, and a locking differential. I'd like to add the tow package and spray-in bedliner but may hold off on those to possibly speed up the build time...