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  1. Key stuck in spare tire crank lock!!

    Or a design flaw that results in it attempting to hold keys hostage.
  2. Cyber Orange Ranger Club Thread

    Looking at the new Ranger builder, it does not look like Cyber Orange will be returning, well at least not for the initial year of the new Ranger. In Europe Cyber Orange is still an option, though only on the Wildtrak.
  3. Splash Appearance Package on 2023 Ranger

  4. Splash Appearance Package on 2023 Ranger

    Add least those style inserts, or the grill with the inserts, are fairly easy to get state side. I want the red inserts for the XLT grill.
  5. Key stuck in spare tire crank lock!!

    Thanks! New fear unlocked and further justification to get push button start.
  6. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    Yeah, sometimes when you are near the limit, you just have to give up the speed for the better mechanical advantage of the lower gears while climbing.
  7. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    I've used TorquePro for most of my non-Ford specific data and screens, though if you know the PIDs you can add Ford specific data too. I can use my FP Tuner for some data now. And if I need to go deep into the weeds I have ForScan.
  8. Taillight melted

    While the fuse cannot measure current, it should blow when the current through it exceeds its rating. The problem is the wiring after the fuse may not be rated for the same current the fuse on the circuit is. Take for example a 20A fuse to 5 4A loads, the wiring to a single load on the circuit...
  9. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    Sounds like you may be overweight (GCWR). Remember, every 1,000ft over sea level you lose 3% of the full GCWR. So my Ranger going to Salt Lake, UT from the east coast would pass over 8,500ft and there I would have a GCWR of 9500, a full 3,000lb less than the sea level GCWR. Other related...
  10. Any trailer over 1650 pounds needs brakes?

    In most cases a dolly is only of use with a FWD car/SUV though. I had thought about putting flat tow bars on my wife's unreliable work Jeep, but when I got to looking at getting the brakes working, assuming that is not the part that decided to fail that time, it looked to be too much hassle. I...
  11. I’m thinking of a 6 speed manual. Thoughts?

    I'm not sure how much of the ROW cab made it into the US cab, I know the fenders and bed box are different. But if the Cab was a copy/paste from ROW that was out for years before the US model's release, perhaps the support for manual pedals was also carried over, just not used in the US. I...
  12. Smoke is in the air.

    I got an air quality warning for later this week, I'm guessing it's related to this.
  13. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    The new black Powered by Ford Performance Badges. I'm still debating the install, kit has two, but I may just use one where the older Ranger has the Ecoboost badge. Also debating making the white lettering Red to match up some with the Thunder badges. POWERED BY FORD PERFORMANCE BADGE - BLACK|...
  14. Any trailer over 1650 pounds needs brakes?

    I was curious about this enough to call an agent with my insurance company. She stated that if the report, or the follow-up investigation, for an accident you were found at fault for found that you had exceeded the limits of the vehicle's documentation or laws where you were, they would still...
  15. Any trailer over 1650 pounds needs brakes?

    But there is no lower limit provided for "Light Duty Trailer Hitch" in the Towing Capacities section, just the 3,500lb max towing limit. The 1,650lb limit is in a table that clearly is only intended to apply to "Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch".
  16. Any trailer over 1650 pounds needs brakes?

    How have you misconstrued me pointing out the likely errors in the manual as me planning to go over the limits? I have no plans to bumper tow, since I have the tow package. I've been the one pointing out that restriction for heavy duty trailer hitch while omitted from Light Duty Trailer Hitch...
  17. Any trailer over 1650 pounds needs brakes?

    Well, that is my point. If the document is correct in that bumper tow is allowed to 3,500lb w/o brakes then tow package with hitch should be able to do the same, or bumper tow should have the same 1,650lb limit. Looking at the documentation that came with my 2021 it's not poorly written, it...
  18. Choose Your Own Adventure Book: Buying a Raptor

    I remember this with my RS order in 2015. I started talking to a local dealer that was recommended by a friend that sold him his GT500. I started talking with a salesman in the summer months before the banks opened and made my top price I would pay for the car with the options I wanted clear...
  19. Trailer hitch drop question

    Nope, I'm the Weigh Safe pusher.