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  1. Palawan, Philippines 🇵🇭

    Here is first couple of pics. I will add pictures and videos as the trip goes on.
  2. AM remains.
  3. New Raptor here in Philippines 🇵🇭

    The price works out at current exchange rate to be $42.5K USD.
  4. Voided Warranty
  5. Ranger Camper

    Sorry not in English.
  6. Theft proof garage
  7. Armoured Wildtrak

  8. Interesting Concept
  9. Made a boo boo.

    So I was parking in my condo building. I was in a different spot than usual, and the curb stops were not placed properly. So I backed in and hit some metal trim on the wall. It bent my left side rear bumper in so just touched my fender. So I bought a $3.60 ratchet strap, pulled it out, buffed...
  10. Mustang Raptor?
  11. Timeout

  12. Different flavor.

    So this Mercedes was for sale in my neighborhood. It was just stock, silver color. Then a neighbor bought it. And now........
  13. Not a hybrid?

    So today I went to Manila Autoshow. I am looking at this SUV and the salesman tells me it's a all electric vehicle. I ask "what's the range?". He states about 95 kms. I said really 95 kms? Then he says then the gas engine takes over. So naturally my reply is "so it's not all electric but a...
  14. Armoured Luxury Transportation

    This armored level 6 luxury van was something at the Manila Autoshow.
  15. Old Ford Escort

    This was at Manila Autoshow.
  16. Ayuda

    So this morning the guards distributed Ayuda to all residents in the community. Ayuda is aid to families. But it appears all receive.
  17. Theft via CANBUS
  18. 500 mile range?
  19. Modded rigs.