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  1. Blown Trans Club?

    Engine modifications would be damn near the bottom of the list of possible reasons anyhow... realistically. The 10r80 is rated for 800 torques. It would take one built-to-the-hilt 2.3 to start stressing the trans.
  2. I’m thinking of a 6 speed manual. Thoughts?

    Lots of reports from bronco owners about that new manual box being a turd..
  3. Front and rear gears

    Yeah... on a automatic that has half (or less than half) the gears that these do.. with ratios spaced much further apart.. Swapping gears to bring your cruising rpm up or down is gravy on a mechanical 3..4..5 speed auto... not so much with an electric trans that decides how to shift based on...
  4. Sound: 2.3 vs 3.0

    Proud 4cyl muffler-deleter here, glad to be an annoyance to all those who hold some sort of elitism over what is literally pointless noise 🙂 I think it sounds bitchin..
  5. Front and rear gears

    Without a programming change to the transmission shift strategy... it's forever and always going to want to be in the highest gear possible at a steady cruise for maximum fuel economy.
  6. Front and rear gears

    A great deal about how the trans picks what gear to be in.. is based off of vehicle speed, throttle input, and engine load. Changing gearsets literally won't make 2 shits a difference in what your complaining about. Well.... possibly one shit of a difference.... Instead of lugging at...
  7. Hornblaster install

    If only the average vehicle was big enough to fit a set of these...
  8. After 2.5 years, I sent the Ranger packing...

    Just being proactive. The longer you wait to make an appointment.. the longer the waiting list gets. The dudes only 2 weeks out right now.. but by the middle of August he'll be booked solid through the end of the year. It's not just during winter that being rust proofed is a virtue either...
  9. Sound: 2.3 vs 3.0

    "To each their own, but my opinion is right" Aaaah.. humanity.
  10. After 2.5 years, I sent the Ranger packing...

    Made and paid for an appointment to get rustproofed on June 18th.. guy in my town uses NHOU, figured I'd give him a shot due to proximity lol. Wicked excited it's going to get gooped up before a single speck of salt lands on the thing.. havnt even taken it off road...
  11. Open diff vs. rear e locker - did I make a mistake?

    Thanks! I'll make some YT stuff with the Bronco hopefully within the month.. have an appointment to install a 2" lift and fit 35"s on the 16th 🙂 then it's getting rust proofed on the 18th... then it's ready to wheel 🤠 super excited.
  12. Open diff vs. rear e locker - did I make a mistake?

    Broncos are kinda hard to come by at the moment... 😋 I bought the one I could, in the timeframe/budget/distance from home that I had given myself. Got lucky.
  13. Open diff vs. rear e locker - did I make a mistake?

    While not necessary for a lot of wheeling... having the rear end locked WILL lead to less wheel spin, making your outdoor adventure a little more earth friendly. I'm no eco-mentalist by any means... but I do believe in leaving as little of a footprint as I can while enjoying my motorized crap in...
  14. Frog

    Thats..... a toad.
  15. After 2.5 years, I sent the Ranger packing...

    2 door big bend has a payload of 1,243 lbs, and will tow 3500. It's no racecar hauler like the ranger, no. It IS however more than capable enough in both areas for the vast majority of people. As with most things, depends on state. It's definitely illegal here though.. so the name fits...
  16. Bronco/Ranger Wheel Swap and TPMS Sensor Question

    You only need to adjust speedo for TIRE diameter change too BTW. My speedo was dead nuts accurate on the truck with 32"s, no adjustment.
  17. Bronco/Ranger Wheel Swap and TPMS Sensor Question

    I just put the wheels/tires I had on my Ranger onto my bronco and there's no tpms issues.
  18. After 2.5 years, I sent the Ranger packing...

    Oh yeah.. So everyone knows about how small the feed for the airbox is on the ranger correct? Look at the size of this MF! Big enough to fit your whole willy whacker (or ditch itcher) in it. Way easier for the motor to breathe.. easier for dust to get at the filter too though 🤷‍♀️ I change...
  19. Because who doesn't want to torture themselves?!

    I would LOVE a yugo. I'd swap the motor&trans for something else but... yeah. Tuned 2.0 EB yugo sleeper sounds fun.