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  1. Is a 10,000 mile oil change interval ideal for the 2.3L?

    Turbo engines are tough on oil. I wouldn’t go over 5k unless your strictly highway. I‘ve seen a lot of oil come out of turbo engines and it’s used up.
  2. How long did your OEM battery last on your 2019 XLT?

    My first battery lasted 10 days. I think I'm ready for a second one 3 1/2 years later.
  3. Trac Electronics One Touch Open/Close and Auto Folding Mirrors

    Did you just order from above site, and how much in US dollars?
  4. Couple Questions - Phone Address Book & Door Locks

    Your phone book will be downloaded every time the phone is connected to vehicle unless you turn auto download off in phone settings. I recommend turning it off.
  5. Tremor Graphics

    They can be ordered at a Ford dealer. They are in the Ford parts catalog.
  6. Ford Performance tune help

    I was told by Ford Performance a couple of weeks ago that engineering is working on the problem. I‘ve heard nothing from them yet that this problem is fixed so far.
  7. Amp Research Power Steps

    I added it during the install. I use it when going threw certain car washes, or when I want to clean them manually at home. Nice feature.
  8. Intelligent Access not working

    Low battery voltage can cause this.
  9. Fordpass no longer working

    I’m seeing this info right from Ford. I’m a shop foreman at a ford dealer. Looks like you’ll have to go to a ford dealer and try and get the TCU reset with factory scan tool for now to maybe get it working for now. Some update won’t be out until at least January at this point.
  10. Fordpass no longer working

    F9 10A in passenger compartment on driver side is correct. A battery disconnect should of done same thing to try and bring ESN number back. Another new message from Ford today about Dealer having to try and reset TCU with scan tool if other things don't work. This is after a message the other...
  11. Fordpass no longer working

    If the fuse for the modem is removed for 5 min and then installed, that may bring you ESN number back and correct problem. There was a new Ford message out yesterday about this, and a new modem update won't be out until 2021.
  12. Auto Folding Mirror Mod Install Instructions - Pictures/Video

    Back to cold weather and passenger mirror doesn’t unfold again unless done with factory switch. Is there any new information on this?
  13. This is the last time I take my truck to the dealer for service

    I will let you know that are dealer has to do the same thing with the computer and synthetic blend wording with free maintenance package. Maybe that will help ease your enxiety and you can move on in life.
  14. Anyone Using FordPass Rewards?

    A service ticket needs to be written and the accessories charged out on that. I’ve used Ford pass points more than once this way to pay for accessories at dealer.
  15. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    Was told by FRRP yesterday that they are working on a firmware update, which will let you leave the ProCal 4 plugged in and it will have auto shut off. A feature I would like for mine.
  16. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    They ride very nice and look better with the lift.
  17. Best sounding exhaust options?

    I finally gave up on sound clips. They just all seem to sound alike, and seem to be done at WOT all the time. I wanted some sound, but not loud or drone to me. I have bought other Ford Performance parts for my Ranger and went that way again. The stuff isn’t cheap, but quality and warranty is...
  18. Ford Performance Tune

    If left plugged in, it never turns off, which is a disappointment.
  19. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    Mine never turns off When vehicle is shut off unless I unplug it. Emailed Ford Performance and they said that’s the way it is.