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  1. What pretty much all of us speculated

    They have made it known multiple times such as when they announced the international model of the 6 g
  2. What pretty much all of us speculated

    Yeah that has never been in doubt, ford even said as much clearly several times. People are just stupid and don't listen
  3. Trading in wheels to the dealership?

    Yeah but from ford and the dealer and most importantly the insurances perspective those suckers are used and god knows what you or he did to them, the only way they will do swaps is for brand new ones from the factory, even doing a swap of your own wheels to a new vehicle you have to sign off...
  4. 265/70r17 or 285/70r17?

    The performance difference between 31 and 33 are gonna be more than you think there was a guy on youtube who tested it and those 2 inch margins 31 to 33 33 to 35 and so on made a massive difference
  5. 265/70r17 or 285/70r17?

    Do the 33's with 31's and a 3.5 lift your truck will look like a set of roller skates
  6. Trading in wheels to the dealership?

    So unless you are swapping off a brand new set of wheels from the factory it aint gonna happen. The only time we ever do that is if someone a wants us to put on an aftermarket package ie rocky ridge or a dsi kit then we would keep the wheels and tires from the vehicle (brand new only) and sell...
  7. Dealer claims I can put in an order for 2024 ?

    You are 100 percent correct on all counts ranger values are super high now buying it out and hanging on to it is the best play, if nothing else due to the bloated values and severe lack of inventory
  8. Dealer claims I can put in an order for 2024 ?

    We can't even access or see the international order banks hence even canada and the us having separate order guides when they are almost identical
  9. Dealer claims I can put in an order for 2024 ?

    Yes he is full of shit the 23 order banks are open which is a 5th gen, there is no reservation system order banks or anything from ford for 2024 they aren't gonna have a model year open then magically open up the next one like 3 days after they start orders for 2023. So long story short they are...
  10. Squeaking when driving over bumps

    So as I suspected I had some crap in between the pad and disk that was rubbing there was even a line in the disk where it was constantly hitting it so far cleaning it out has worked great
  11. Challenge for Ford Truck history experts

    Phil looks like a job for you
  12. Squeaking when driving over bumps

    Its only when I am in motion the moment i apply any brake pressure it goes away doesn't change over bumps anything, just got my oil change and when they checked the pads a couple weeks ago they said they were good too which makes me think it isn't the brake wear clips
  13. Squeaking when driving over bumps

    My truck now has a constant high pitched squeak up front right that goes away the moment I apply any brake pressure as well
  14. Dealership issues

    Yeah that is also probably not entirely their fault i'd say like 50 50 lol, with how far back ordered things are stuff gets piled up to where service runs out of techs and space, the labor shortage I am sure doesn't help. That being said if they were operating efficiently and intelligently they...
  15. Wear - Problems After Front Lift - Level

    I did a 3.5 lift new uca's and 35 inch tires I have a good 8k miles many of them offroad and have had zero issues all the sensors and stuff function perfectly the mechanical components are still in great shape the only negative has been the obvious problem of losing a few mpg. But as far as...
  16. Dealership issues

    So the loaner thing is not their fault it is a ford policy. Ford will not allow for you to get a loaner until the problem has been diagnosed by a tech and then sent up to ford reviewed and approved by them
  17. 34's installed 285/75R 17 Just leveled.

    Let me know if you go I lived down there for a bit I have a lot of great spots and stuff to hit, honestly if you do nothing else the food itself down there makes it worth a trip its incredible but on key west ocean grill is great for breakfast/brunch/lunch bottomless mimosas till 3 pm for 8...
  18. Ford Had 18,000 Incomplete Vehicles At End Of Second Quarter

    So on the dealer side it shows either in plant in transit or here and now they have another catagory for being on hold due to chips or parts so your dealer will be able to see that but if it is in the chip/parts hold or in the plant there will not be an eta for it. once it shows in transit then...
  19. Ford Had 18,000 Incomplete Vehicles At End Of Second Quarter

    That is ridiculous you need a new dealer lol if they can't even fix a window properly....
  20. 34's installed 285/75R 17 Just leveled.

    Yeah in all seriousness I love florida theres a ton to do beautiful springs beaches great trails lots of nature, the keys! Oh man if you haven't been down there you gotta go its literally heaven on earth