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  1. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    I hope that things get sorted quickly for you. My son managed to total his car whilst we were in the US in April, but the insurance was in my name, and trying to do all of that by remote control was a nightmare. The payout finally ended up landing in the bank account yesterday. It ended up...
  2. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Yep you're right about that, the Wildtrack model here has been available with a black interior with orange accents for years but the orange exterior was only available on the XL and XLS poverty pak models??? You could get black, but in the climate over here a black car, with black upholstery in...
  3. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Nice, I like that green! Ford haven't offered green here for YEARS, only, metallic white, black, blue, light silver, dark silver, grey, - like someone forgot the top coat and let it out in just the primer, and for a while, (solid) orange, (solid)red,
  4. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Interesting stats but they might be biased a bit, when did you last see a green or brown colour option even offered to purchase. The only ones I can think of here are lime green on Jeep Wranglers and Suzuki Jimmneys. Orange used to be available here on Rangers but only on the XL base model.
  5. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Sadly there is some truth in that. Not a lot of love for BMW drivers either, although I do tend to feel sorry for them once they're out of warranty.
  6. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Ranger Vs cane train in Australia. Once again driver survived without a scratch.
  7. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Stop it, stop it, ...:giggle:
  8. 2019 2WD Rear Differential Fluid Change Write-Up (~47K Miles)

    Yes we can get Amsoil here, hideously expensive , although it does have a dedicated following, I think you would have to leave it in your truck forever, to get the cost benefit back though. :wink: These guys and these are both two...
  9. rear differential fluid

    I remember my old 1981 Bronco had an NP 208 transfer case and a NP cast iron 4 speed gear box that looked like it came out of a semi trailer. I put 500,000 Km on that combination and all I ever did was change the oil, never gave an ounce of trouble, even though it took in a bit of water on one...
  10. rear differential fluid

    "Hydroprocessed base oil" sounds like semi-synthetic, interestingly in Aus Ford recommends full synthetic as a suitable replacement. But quite a few semi-synthetics available here actually also meet the specification.
  11. 2019 2WD Rear Differential Fluid Change Write-Up (~47K Miles)

    150,000 miles is actually 240,000 kilometers. Either way, agreed way too long. Good write up! As my truck is used for towing, and was used for towing by the owners before me I opted to do mine at 100,000 Km ie ~ 60,000 miles. Oil was dark, but not particularly dirty, there was a bit of...
  12. NOTE TO Self: Don't drop the brake master cylinder cap!!! Never to be seen again.

    I've owned a car once before that actually had something like that. As I bought it secondhand I'm not sure however if it was OEM or an aftermarket one.
  13. Axle nut removal

    AKA a piece of pipe. I must say however that tool does look nifty. Maybe I should buy it so I can get my wheels off after some lowland gorilla with a rattle gun at the tyre shop, has done my wheel nuts up to 2,000 Lb/ft when fixing a flat.
  14. NOTE TO Self: Don't drop the brake master cylinder cap!!! Never to be seen again.

    Ok fair enough then, didn't mean to criticize, just wondered why you went to the trouble to remove it. My fluid is a goldy colour so it's relatively easy to see.
  15. Axle nut removal

    If you don't have a rattle gun you're going to need a sturdy breaker bar and maybe a length of pipe to go over it. Years ago I used to own a Kia Sorento V6 because of the stupid pulley design that Hyundai / Kia inherited from Mitsubishi (3.5 V6 was a Mitsubishi design) when changing the...
  16. NOTE TO Self: Don't drop the brake master cylinder cap!!! Never to be seen again.

    Why bother to remove the cap when the container is translucent anyway. Just give the truck front a shake and look. From my experience with dropped bolts , nuts, tools etc it will probably turn up months later when you are underneath looking for something else!
  17. Let me know if you need 3D Design and Printing for your Ranger

    For me mostlu a hobby, but I must admit quite a bit has been making small plastic parts which are either no longer available or just unreasonably expensive and difficult to find, when they are. And of course like you probably sometimes just for the fun of it you just see a solution in need of a...
  18. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Don't see how that can be the case, once the extra volume warms up, it'd going to be the same temp as the original oil volume. However If the new pan is bigger and sticks down further into the airflow under the truck, particularly if cast alloy, and it is finned on the bottom, then I can see...
  19. Horrible shifting after transmission fluid change

    Well you can dump and fill - or several dump and fills, but yah I wouldn't flush an old transmission.
  20. Entering Ranger 5G land

    Well peeps, I'm back in Aus and mostly had a great time. Just came home from the 14 hour flight from LA this morning. Good to be home after 7 weeks - cat missed me - children indifferent. The trip across the Pacific was mostly uneventful and the ocean largely lived up to it's name - actually...