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  1. Power Ports turn off when opening the door?

    mine has been doing the same thing lately since I switched jobs to a 4 mile commute and I ride my bike 3 out of 5 work days.... I might need to go for a drive
  2. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    I found a use for the fuel diluted oil!!!!!!!! it's like danish oil. the gas evaporates and the oil soaks into the wood! the original purpose for the oil was to lube a concrete mold and it worked great. now the wood grain pops and and has a nice finish
  3. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    sorry can't help with that. Somebody around here has installed OBDII screens that show all kinds of info but who they and what they used? I can't remember
  4. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    and junior mints... I have never thought to myself or said out loud "I would really like some Junior mints". NEVER but there I am with a $7 box of junior mints and a bucket of stale popcorn with extra amsoil on it and yes those middle tie downs are handy
  5. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    yes. no. I don't know. maybe? personally if it ain't overheating when taking it easy, I'd call it a pass. I tend to push limits but not when hauling stuff like cargo or a heavy trailer. take it easy for safety sake. What is the level of coolant in the reservoir?
  6. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    first do a pressure test. if it can't hold pressure because of an air leak the coolant might boil and that cavitation might also cause the fluctuations in temperature. easy way: better way is to drain, vacuum and fill under vacuum(using a vacuum pump not a shop vac). if you can't get a...
  7. Hornblaster install

    try this? kidding. don't. @DranC we are still waiting for pictures...
  8. 2019 Ranger First Mechanical Failure

    they sell that same warranty as the dealerships but only $50 over cost. that $1549 is the closest to bumper to bumper offered. LED lights are an add on and IIRC $100 deductible. also the warranty is transferable and refundable...
  9. 2019 Ranger First Mechanical Failure

    :oops:wow $1549 for 8yr/100k from granger thanks again @[email protected] 50k in and still waiting to use it :fingerscrossed:
  10. Temp Gage Functioning? And Overheating?

    because no gases in the coolant that rules out head gasket failure. it's probably air in the coolant. I'd drain, vacuum, fill
  11. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    looks exactly like mine did 3 years ago except I had an aluminum tool box in the bed. then the STX side stickers were replaced, got a few dings, stickers, scrapes, dents, more stickers, the camper, stopped washing it weekly, better tires... now the stock white SCABS look so pedestrian
  12. Ford Ranger PHEV Out Next Year, Coming To U.S

    you already forgot about the Bronco roll out?
  13. Hello

    Welcome Bob!* *depending what side of the damper fence you are on
  14. Accidentally Got 87 vs. 93

    she should be pumping the gas for the privilege of riding in the ranger:computerrage: @got3fords you need to drain the tank. I'll dispose of the trash fuel for you
  15. RECALL

    funny because it's highly probable😞 forgot the $500,000,000 bonuses they gave themselves
  16. RECALL

    so instead of recalling the trans they are lowering the pay load??? maybe hoping to get an extra mile out of them?
  17. SkyNet alert: AI drone kills operator because he wouldn't let it complete mission.

    exploding trannys, a giant house party in Arizona, and the robot uprising... that's all the news we get around here