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  1. Where to sell my 2020 Ranger

    After much consideration especially from this thread, I realized I wouldn’t get significantly more by selling the truck online. Carvana offered me the best price at $32.2K and I’m doing the deal today. I just hope their check clears my bank!!!
  2. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    I realized that it’s really the entire suspension system, especially the leaf springs, that are the problem. The Ranger is a dated platform and I’d have to spend thousands of dollars to revamp the suspension system. So my solution? Get a 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee and sell the Ranger.
  3. Where to sell my 2020 Ranger

    I forgot to mention that it has about every option plus I put a $1500 WeatherTech trifold hard tonneau cover on and $1100 worth of AT tires on it. The tires were put on December first.
  4. Where to sell my 2020 Ranger

    I sold my flooring business and decided to sell my 2020 Ranger Lariat Sport 4x4 Supercrew. It has 29,600 miles and I want to get good money for it so I’m willing to offer it nationwide, not just in western North Carolina. Carvana is offering $32K but I want at least a few thousand more. What...
  5. Why did you pick the Ranger over the Tacoma?

    Your front seats are flat on the floor in the Tacoma. The exact opposite of why I love trucks.
  6. Anyone thinking of selling their Ranger?

    I love my 2020 Ranger but I'm tired of the 20th century truck ride. I'm ordering a 2023 Ram 1500 Rebel to get a 21st century truck - independent coil spring rear suspension, Ram Box, multi-function talgate, full-size intainment screen, and a mild hybrid V6. The F-150 is just as old school as...
  7. Softening the Ride…HELP!

  8. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    Because I moved to Asheville from NYC (where I had no vehicle) in the first month of the pandemic and hadn't had enough test drives to really get how poorly it rides. I basically deflated the tires for the first year to make it better. I looked into selling it a year agpo, but there was...
  9. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    There’s a difference between a 21st century TRUCK and a 20th century TRUCK. Unfortunately the current Ranger’s architecture is from the Pleistocene era. The next gen will solve this. I love my TRUCK but as many people have stated here, Ford cheaped out on the shocks which exacerbates the...
  10. Goodbye Ranger

    So cool! I rented one for a week and loved it. It accelerates and handles like a freaking super sport sedan. But the "Autopilot" is definitely not as good as in the Lariat. It was even dangerous putting on the brakes twice on the highway. I spoke with a Tesla owner who confims the problem...
  11. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    After reading this and researching online, I feel you're right. So I cancelled my Bilstein order and am getting a set of Fox 2.0 for the rear and see if that helps. It's not body roll I care about, its the inability of the rear to absorb bumps and imperfections.
  12. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    If the fronts are that expensive to have installed, I’ll just have the backs replaced and see how that effects the ride. Then I’ll decide if it’s worth it to do the fronts. I spend hours a day driving my Ranger and I’m so tired of the harsh ride. I’ll end up spending a lot more to trade up to...
  13. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    LOL. There is NO POSSIBILITY I’d do it myself.
  14. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I’ve ordered Bilstein 4600s for front and back from Tire Rack based on your suggestions. However the closest recommended installer is 65 miles away! The recommended cold pressure on the door frame is 30 psi and that’s what I have it at. I’ll probably go...
  15. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    No way. I love all makes. I just love Ford the most. I’ve actually had more Plymouth and Jeep vehicles than Fords.
  16. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    I tried to reserve a Lightning which has independent rear suspension but couldn’t. I test drove a Ram 1500 with coil spring rear and it was fantastic but there was a deal breaker that killed the deal. Tundras now have rear coils but you can’t order one right now.
  17. Softening the Ride…HELP!

    I have a 2020 Lariat Sport 4x4 with the stock 18 inch all-terrain tires and of course the ancient solid rear axle with leaf springs. I’m tired of the jarring ride! Is there any combo of suspension parts and/or tires that can soak up bad pavement?

    Asheville is full of crazy residential streets that are one lane wide and make ridiculous turns. On one turn, I hit a mailbox and cracked the right lens cover on my 202 Ranger Lariat. No damage to the actual lamps. I called Ford of Asheville parts dept and was quoted $1600 for the part...
  19. Ranger Remorse? anyone?

    I don't need to have a full-size truck because I actually have a full-size penis.
  20. Ranger Remorse? anyone?

    I don't think I have a sport mode in my 2020 Lariat. Do you mean 'S' on the transmission and then toggling through the gears?