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  1. Happy 420 !!!

    [Thinking to self: Coincides with Hitler's Birthday. Coincidence???]
  2. Bronco submerged in water during Maine high tide

    Case in point why Toyota drivers should keep with Toyotas!
  3. If you’re gonna be dumb…

    [Thinking aloud: Hoping it wasn't a faulty tailgate damper.]
  4. 2022 Bronco Cost

    "Delivery Specialist"... hmmm.... Human trafficking is also taking an economic hit nowadays, I guess. [If a bit over-the-top, sorry]
  5. My New Ranger getting Repo'd !

    Add-on edit: I just sold one of my vehicles here in Illinois, that's why I "chimed-in" for clarification.
  6. My New Ranger getting Repo'd !

    This is what I heard, too. Needed some clarification.
  7. My New Ranger getting Repo'd !

    Is that if you do a dealer trade with an Illinois dealer?
  8. Is everyone else's insurance skyrocketing too?

    That's because of property values skyrocketing. I get more ticked about the overinflated property taxes thanks to money-grubbing tax assessors!
  9. Tracker APP

    Shipping info on Palsapp is merely "hidden" and can be revealed via Windows. This just merges the Ford tracker and palsapp together and you're not going to get more info. Can't recommend.
  10. Is everyone else's insurance skyrocketing too?

    USAA insurance on two of my vehicles has gone down just a bit, the Grand Cherokee about $200. One went up about $30. Another about $20. Pretty steady on the rates over the past year or so.
  11. Second choice

    That's true. Luckily, I bought my '21 F-150 before all the crazy price increases, starting with the one in late 2020. The same build on my Lariat would be $13K+ today (less options now and Guard is no longer available)!
  12. Ford will ship and sell vehicles without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    Gonna be extensive: I ordered through Granger. It was accepted around 12.23 [I'd have to look through e-mails] and blended 1.29. It was originally showing mid-March delivery, then 2.11, then the 3-month add-on that took it to 5.11. The Tracker date disappeared, like they all did. My modules...
  13. Ford will ship and sell vehicles without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    I'll see if it happens to my ST: [same link as above]
  14. Second choice

    '22 Explorer ST. It's just awaiting shipment, it seems. Ranger was my 2nd choice, and I am looking at the 6g! And I really like my '21 F-150 Lariat!
  15. SCOOP! 6 door Ranger!

    Gotta one-up the VW buzz!
  16. Explorer Timberline

    I have the ST ordered. I decided on it over the Timberline (which I prefer) because of the gas tank size, the 3.0 V6, and better mpgs. I can opt for not getting a dreaded moonroof! The Timberline looks great in Forged Green. I went Stone Blue with the ST.
  17. Later Dudes

    No one will deprive me of my '21 F-150 Lariat Guard Green Two Tone beauty! NO ONE! A great truck, it is! Decided on buying it instead of the Bronco I had reserved, mostly because of the towing ability and its versatility. I bought it early and it would now cost me $10K more for the '22! It...
  18. Negotiating dealer ordered

    If you live in Canada, that means you need another 1500 lbs of ballast in the cab!
  19. Neighbor problems. I’m like ?

    At least it wasn't Popcorn!
  20. A Volkswagen I Might Actually Consider Buying?

    Cost of running Premium Unleaded? I don't want to even think about it! Probably just another Atlas.