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  1. My perfect Ranger with an imperfect transmission...

    Kind of a bad sign that the first person on these forumns to near 100k trans blew…. How concerned should the rest of us be lol. Is there any data to show that this may end up becoming common?
  2. I'm getting my transmission rebuilt or replaced

    Oh ya msfit something ranger…. His transmission went out recently too around 100k. Thats not a good sign lol.
  3. I'm getting my transmission rebuilt or replaced

    Didnt someone elses trans go out recently right around 100k? if thats the case, the frontier is looking nice lol.
  4. SHROCKWORKS out of business?

    2700 cambodian riel on its way
  5. Front tow hook weight limit?

    Anyone know what these are rated for? are they a reliable recovery point to pull/yank from a single one when stuck in deep snow/mud/sand?
  6. Forged Green Splash

    what you hate nature
  7. SHROCKWORKS out of business?

    Havent needed them yet, havent been anywhere too gnarly since last yr i spent all my cash elsewhere. But i had the shrockworks down on a wishlist, w/ them gone I needed to replace it w/ something else which hopefully I can this yr.
  8. SHROCKWORKS out of business?

    Whats a good alternative?
  9. Washington WTS: Morimoto LED headlamps

    Hey these are still available willing to ship send me a DM so we can work something out.
  10. Tremor Flares Installed on my 2019 Lariat FX4 Sport Super Crew

    Got these done as well, and definitively recommended based on wheels you get and their offset. But my wheels are flushed now with the fenders and that is exactly the look i prefer
  11. Washington WTS: Morimoto LED headlamps

  12. BAKFlip MX4 Installed with Line-X bedliner

    Yes, factory linex, had to drill and redo the threads with a drill tap bit.
  13. SYNC Black Screen of Death

    Thats exactly when this issue presented itself,snowed recently and i put that on max blast and thats when it shut off
  14. SYNC Black Screen of Death

    Is there any update? This has happened the last couple weeks whenever i pust max defront and hear on, so it definitely makes sense on bring related to heat behind the sync screen.
  15. Early Black Friday Sales @ Stage 3

    Curious if and what the deal is for ARB High-Output On-Board Air Compressor CKMA12
  16. Morimoto Carbide LED

    Im selling morimoto led headlamps if ur in WA state!
  17. Washington 18” black appearance wheels

    No sir, sorry I didn’t mark it so
  18. Washington WTS: Morimoto LED headlamps

    Update selling $900!
  19. Mountain bike tailgate cover/pad

    cant tell, u have ext not crew cab im guessing?