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  1. Happy trails, all

    Well folks, 2021 has brought a lot of changes for my family and one of them is eliminating the need for a truck. I'm not much of a "truck guy" to begin with and now that I have nothing to tow or haul and nowhere convenient to off-road I decided to avail myself of CarMax's generous offer for my...
  2. Aftermarket Support

    I'm wondering if anyone has since e insight on this; as far as the major fabricators for off road equipment (especially armor, bumpers, and lighting solutions) I get why Toyota and Jeep vehicles are their bread and butter. What I don't get is that when any of these companies decide to also...
  3. Texas Sold: Free OEM 4x4 (non-FX4) skid plate, tow hooks, and rear shocks

    I have some take-off parts for free to whomever wants to grab them. Local pickup in Houston area only; all parts came off the truck at about 700 miles. I also have the front air dam if someone wants it for some reason.