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  1. New Hampshire Sold: 2019 Black floor mats

    These are the original embroidered black carpet floor mats. New, only used for a few days. I’m located at 03049. Best offer, local pickup.
  2. Goodbye and good luck

    I traded the Ranger today for a Tundra. I got what I paid for the Ranger and walked away with a lot more truck. This forum has been fun, I hope the Tundra forums are as good.
  3. Got the email to order my Bronco

    I got an email telling me I can go order my Bronco. What doesn't jive is that I was told it would be next year, so I'm not sure there isn't a mistake. I'm about to move, and after that I'll give the dealer a call. If I can really get one this year it'll be time for me to sell the Ranger while...
  4. Rust!

    While I do walk around my Ranger on a regular basis, today was the first time in awhile that I did so after I took it through the car wash. The passenger side is peppered with rust spots, all pretty small, but all over the entire side. I'll have to take it into the dealer to see if they'll cover...
  5. Custom Ranger for sale!

    Check this out, at $35k for a Ranger that has decent mileage, all the stuff in the 19 that people are bitching is gone in the other thread, and tons of upgrades, this seems like a steal.
  6. How much fuel should fit in the tank?

    So I know we have an 18 gallon tank, and I assume that when the cluster tells me I have 12 miles to empty that I probably have a bit more than 1 gallon left. Maybe my assumption is wrong, but I assume it's at least a gallon remaining, maybe 2. Yet today I put 18 gallons in when it said it was 12...
  7. Seat covers over leather

    I didn't really want leather seats, but they came with the package we wanted. I need a little more protection from the dogs. Has anyone considered putting covers like this over leather? I wonder if it will trash the leather or not. My first choice was saddle blanket, but I'm pretty sure the...
  8. Bed replacement system

    What do you guys think of this? Honestly if it would work with the led lights, and had windows in the back for the dogs, this might be perfect. Too bad it's so damn expensive.
  9. Pine sap removal

    What do people use for pine sap removal? I got a few spots of sap and I used to use rubbing alcohol to take it off, but I’d like to not worry about my paint.
  10. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    I just saw the Ford website. I need to see one in person, but I might be able to see myself in a Bronco in a year or two.
  11. I might have to sell the Ranger

    The new Bronco transmission was leaked. I might have jumped on a new truck too soon.
  12. rear mounted camera

    I have a front/rear dashcam setup, but with the cap the rear pretty much just shows what my dogs are up to. Can anyone recommend a weather proof camera I can record the rear with? I'm tempted to use a backup camera on my license plate and make my own recorder, but that's a lot of work.
  13. I need a way to store my topper

    Ok, so let me start by saying I thought I'd be able to take my topper off when I didn't need it, but it turns out it's a lot heavier than the one on my Sport Trac. I'm looking for a way that I could take it off and store it somewhere. I could easily make some saw horses that would help, but what...
  14. Added TAC side steps

    I added some sidesteps to my truck. I’m pleased with them.
  15. Missed out on a good deal

    I’m kicking myself. There was a spotless mustang convertible for sale right near me. I decided to wait until after work to see it and the guy sold it at lunch. Three hours from when he listed it. Nothing decent is lasting long right now.
  16. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    I got laid off on Friday, I'm a contract engineer and my contract ran out, and due to the current state of affairs my new one couldn't start like was planned. I've been on the phone all morning looking for something new.
  17. Side steps with mudflaps

    I have the Weathertech mud flaps already, I was going to order these. I wonder if anyone knows if they'll interfere with the flaps. I'll call the company tomorrow, but I figured I'd check here to see if anyone has that combo yet. Rich
  18. Get rid of Sync data message

    Any idea how to get rid of this? I have a phone paired and this still pops up, sometimes after I’ve been driving around with CarPlay too.
  19. Linex liner damage

    *sigh* I went out to see if I had time to install my mud flaps and saw this damage in my one day old linex liner. I’m guessing the messed up the install, I’ll have to call tomorrow to try to get it fixed. My cap is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday. I’m just venting, this day hasn’t gone as...
  20. Fastback style cover

    Back in the day someone made a fastback style tonneau for the Ranger, it had a front window up by the cab, maybe a 8-10 inch bit that gave you a shelf you could access through the rear window, then it sloped down to basically a tonneau that opened up like a giant trunk. I've seen one picture of...