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  1. Frist Ranger road trip

    Taking the Ranger on a road trip with the Family from Vancouver to Anaheim (Disneyland lol). Getting my first service done with Ford before the trip on Tuesday (leave Wednesday). I'm super excited to take my new truck on a proper road trip. Any Tips on Getting better fuel economy or what to prep?
  2. Fuel gauge won’t go below 1/4 tank.

    After a week of owner ship my only gripe is that my fuel gauge won’t go below 1/4 even when I had 80km of range left (fuel light is even on). Found it very strange, has anyone had this problem and is there a known fix? Or back to the dealer for service?
  3. Picked up my 22 last night

    Finally picked her up after ordering on September 30th. Gotta add some of my personal touches to it later today after work. Happy to finally have one and not be looking at pictures anymore haha.
  4. The waiting sucks…..

    it’s sucks a lot more when your neighbor has one and you gotta drive by it everyday….