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  1. Cabin Air Filter Install Fail

    Went to install new filter and this is the one I was replacing… Apparently installed it 90 degrees wrong LOL. I can’t figure out how that would cause these results.
  2. Need help looking for a vehicle for wife

    Wife has a 54 mi round trip (almost all highway) m-f for work. City occasionally during week and on weekends. This will be designated grandkid hauler (2 in the near future). Thinking SUV type vehicle, hybrid or phev. Replacing a 2012 Fusion. Must have rear hvac. I've been in the back of the...
  3. Any special steps required with battery replacement?

    I replaced the battery today and all seems well, but I could have sworn that I had read in the past about something needing to be reset or something?
  4. Oh my God! They killed Rain man! Las Vegas Cops Believe Kmart Shoes Indicate That a Man Found Stuffed in Barrel at Bottom of Shrinking Lake Mead Was Shot...
  5. Extra fob in kitchen drawer

    In 2.5 yrs never thought of this before but should I have been alternating the two fobs every few months? Or maybe remove the battery from the one that isn't used? If I ever need the other one sure would suck if it isn't ready to go. I just checked the spare (lock, unlock) and it worked.
  6. Paradise by the dashboard light

    RIP Meat. Thanks for the memories and the truly awesome 5+ minute epic goodness.
  7. Ford Paint Problems 2012-2018

    @P. A. Schilke Hope I did that right. So we have a '12 Fusion that the paint on the hood went to total crap within the last couple of years. Wife went to Maaco to get an estimate and the guy was telling her that the dude at Ford in charge of the paint operations totally screwed the pooch from...
  8. "Those aren't pillows!"

    Watching Planes trains and automobiles on Wednesday night as per tradition. God bless the Ranger crew and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. BTW... People train runs outta Stubville. ?
  9. 2023 Ranger 6G globally revealed! At least they fixed the hood.
  10. It's a beautiful fall day....

    To kick some shorthorn ass! BOOMER!
  11. “Drums are really easy to play…“

    “They’re a joke. Anyone can do this.” Stewart Copeland quote from the documentary The Police in Montserrat. I wanted to start a Ranger5g drum thread and the quote is perfect as the first order of business is to show off the Copeland 40th anniversary snare I was able to score a couple days ago...
  12. The Neon Thread

    So I'll start with what I consider my least impressive piece. About 9 inch dia.
  13. Red got bombed today

    I have to give the little bastard credit, pretty impressive bombing run.
  14. Apparently my truck is orange

    Cleaning in the garage I found thia
  15. 15" of Snow vs '19 Ranger, Who Wins?

    So I have a '19 4x4, no TM. Apparently we're likely to get 15" of snow this weekend (thx hosers ?) Can I get the wife to work next week if necessary?
  16. Cup holder

    I’ve never seen this mentioned and I’ve wondered about it for a while lol Is this supposed to be a cup holder? The angles are ridiculous.
  17. RIP Eddie Van Halen

    Prayers to his family and friends. Thanks for all the memories, beginning with the first time me and my buddies spun Van Halen on a turntable and basically were in shock trying to comprehend what we had just heard. Godspeed and rock on.
  18. Air filter cover

    I would throw a guess out there but don’t want to look stupid :cool: anyone know what the fabric pouch attached to the top of the cover is?
  19. Blacked out fender vents

    Blacked out the silver xlt on the fender vents with black plasti dip, also the bit where you put the key. I