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  1. Wireless Charging Install

    That's pretty much exactly what I saw. One other comment that I might have forgot to mention. When just charging and maybe running maps phone does not get hot. Warm yes, but no where near the temp with the rectangular charger.
  2. Wireless Charging Install

    Amazon - exact same dia as the apple version. I didnt check the thickenss for some reason. CourseMotorsports - this wasn't cheap I would have returned the wireless charging head, but had already installed the bracket and they don't take partial returns. I do like the mount and its a std 7mm ball...
  3. Wireless Charging Install

    Here are my results I bought 4 magsafe chargers. 1 apple and the other 3, not. The Apple would only charge both my S22 and Pixel6 at 4-5W Amazon #1 - S22 10W and Pixel 15W, yes Fifteen! Amazon #2 - S22 9W and Pixel 5W Course Motorsports - S22 10W an PIxel 5W. I guess the pixel is more picky...
  4. Lower the noise volume of the turn signal?

    Just remove the blinker/flasher relay😜
  5. Wireless Charging Install

    Hey Dirk I updated my androids to MagSafe with covers and ring attachments. Works quite well! I am interested n the new MagSafe bracket, can you post more pics of it out of the truck? I assume it matches to official Apple MagSafe charger.
  6. Ranger5G Shirt?

    LOL At 60 I appreciate things that make me look younger!😜 But just 5g works for me
  7. Ranger5G Shirt?

    LOL, this is an oldy but a goody! Sorry guys I am just the ideas guy, not a t-shirt printer guy. But if someone steps up - I'm in! Need to get rid of that old shirt!
  8. Wireless Charging Install

    @DirkM I just saw where there are magsafe cases for Samsung phones. Reviews claim they work. I may be interested in trying one out - what inserts do you have available with magsafe?
  9. Utah AMP Research Power Steps

    IIRC you cut them for a Super - check their website
  10. How to add Lariat heated mirrors to an XLT

    Glad you were able to get it all hooked up!
  11. How to add Lariat heated mirrors to an XLT

    yup F37 - pull the fuse and check for voltage when the rear defrost is turned on. And you really should go back and reread my 1st few posts - its all in there
  12. How to add Lariat heated mirrors to an XLT

    it comes from a relay under the hood thru a fuse - not the switch on the dash. This pulls some current - thus the relay. I detail up which fuse in my write up. Good Luck!
  13. Wireless Charging Install

    So I bought the other pad - now have both the Car Wireless and the SANMIDO. My observations and feedback(Opinion!) As Dirk showed it does fit as is in his tray but stands taller. Charging wise its the same as the Car Wireless - I had thought the CW was only 10W as stated on the Amazon page...
  14. Wireless Charging Install

    Nice Dirk! I like the new concept. You don't want stuff sitting on a charging pad and I find I forget from time to time. Wish I liked iPhones. Maybe someday androids will get magnetic charging.
  15. Wireless Charging Install

    Been doing some measurements and a little research. S22 will only wireless charge at 15W with a Samsung charging pad, otherwise capped at 10W. :-/ I also have a Pixel 6 - It should wireless charge at 15W with 3rd party pads. Can do 21W with a Pixel stand. But this is my work phone and don't...
  16. Wireless Charging Install

    Its appears to be a little smaller so should work. And 15W vs 10W so might charge faster. Might give it a try as I have noticed when using my phone with AA wireless the 10W pad does not keep up. And I had already wired in a higher power USB port
  17. North Carolina WTS XLT Headlights

    No XLTs are halogen Only Lariats are LED
  18. How to add Lariat heated mirrors to an XLT

    The harness should have all the contacts at the mirror so you don't need #2 Stock mirror connector terminals. 5&6 is up to you - use your favorite method for connecting and tapping wires
  19. Tailgate step?

    Dammit Steve I had forgotten how much I spent on that step!? But works great and it matches(more or less) my AMP Power Steps.