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  1. Constant quality complaints in forum

    WOW! Your not kidding. Sure turned in a strange direction. As for the complaining. I get it. Love our trucks... world full of negativity... Why complain. Two things in my mind. 1. I will bring up issues banking on the fact that one of you have already solved it and will pass on some...
  2. Last Drink

    Good Luck! Tighten your belt! NEVER GIVE UP! You wont believe the miracles waiting for you.
  3. The brand new OLD Ranger! What a beauty!

    Love her videos. I had a 94 Ranger... Loved it.
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I used this cheap a** stuff. Worked well. I am getting killmat for the doors because its thinner in those tight spaces and I believe the doors are what count most - so getting the good stuff...
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Sound proofed behind and under rear seat. Doors are next weekend. Helped calm what I consider obscene road noise in these rangers. (I drive A LOT - So, it matters)
  6. Ready to upgrade suspension.

    This is all great info! Thank you to everyone.
  7. Ready to upgrade suspension.

    I would prefer to stay under 1k in parts.
  8. Ready to upgrade suspension.

    Would that give a good road drive?
  9. Ready to upgrade suspension.

    Any recommendations on suspension? I drive a TON and want a better ride. I would also like to level it. I am in a FX4. Wifey has a Tremor. Both have their pro/con for suspension. I want something better than both. I drive 75% interstate 20% bouncy country road and 5% dirt. I have read...
  10. Windshield Tinting

    I did the same thing. Matched the rears. Cant see anything on the dash at night and also have to role the windows down sometimes to see - especially in the country. But, in the summer heat.... WORTH IT!!!
  11. Brake pedal too stiff

    I have done this. It makes a difference. Confirmed.
  12. 2023 Weather Check

    Insanely cold for this time of year in the midwest. SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  13. Side Steps - Yes/No

    I live in the midwest... which currently is still in the middle of winter (in the 30s at night still). So, I may never get my warm sunny day to take the darn things off. Things you all brought up that are giving me pause to reconsider: - Protection from other cars opening doors into my truck...
  14. Ranger Wifi

    I like XM... but I let my lapse also. Not worth the $ for me. As for Wifi - no, never. Dont see the point. I have unlimited data with my phone.
  15. Side Steps - Yes/No

    Love the new look!
  16. Side Steps - Yes/No

    That reminds me. I do use them to kick the snow/slush off my shoes when getting in during winter... I still think they are going... Been considering it since I bought the thing. Next sunny warm day may see them gone......................
  17. Side Steps - Yes/No

    All, I am thinking about removing my steps. I recently saw a Ranger without them and it looked good. I don't use them. Frankly, they get in the way of me getting in. Heck, even with my wifes Tremor, its not high enough that I use the steps... Anyone else not use/need them? Anyone else...
  18. Ham radio - TS-480 mounting location?

    No, I have not. I considered it. Options would be vertically on the side of the center stack (on the passenger side), and on the coin tray... Attached is one I did on a chevy vertically on the center stack.
  19. Ham radio - TS-480 mounting location?

    Not sure where to mount it.. Its a small cabin. I have mounted several cb's in various trucks. For the antenna cable - every truck (including the ranger) has rubber grommits in the floor boards that can be used to send cable through. I have some cables going through the one under the...
  20. Leaking Third Brake Light

    Not sure of a make/model of truck that has not had a leaky third break light at one model year or another. I had an F150 do that - water rolled down and rusted out the door sills behind the rear doors. First I have heard of the Ranger doing it. Report your findings!