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  1. Ebay tonneau cover

    Same one I've had on my truck since April 2019, I use it (roll it up) all the time and no problems so far.
  2. Open diff vs. rear e locker - did I make a mistake?

    While nice to have, a rear lock is far from required for off-roading. I've wheeled plenty of vehicles without lockers and they were fine.
  3. Accidentally Got 87 vs. 93

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, just keep it in mind if you get the urge to drive the truck hard.
  4. Anyone Using FordPass Rewards?

    Bought some accessories for my Fiesta ST with the points earned from my Ranger. It was fairly easy and just had to pay shipping.
  5. Constant quality complaints in forum

    Only real problem I’ve had is the transmission, and Ford fixed it under warranty. My 2014 Tacoma needed warranty work, and it happens. Granted, I haven’t looked over my truck with a magnifying glass and calipers yet. It is a truck…
  6. Water/Mud Alternator Problems

    I've taken my truck down some very sketchy and muddy ATV trails, that include fairly deep fords, for 4 years now and I have never had an issue with the alternator. I'm not hitting mud holes and creek crossings at 50 MPH or anything, but the truck definitely gets muddy. This is 3-4 days a month...
  7. Transmission slipping and rough shifts

    I got the truck back tonight and, knock on wood, the transmission feels like the day that I bought it.
  8. ~47K Miles Update

    Just picked the truck, and rebuilt transmission, up this evening. I've never had a dealership ask or care about a tune, on the Ranger or the SHO that I had. If you bring a vehicle in with bald drive tires and a piston sticking through the hood it might be a different story though, haha.
  9. Competition Leaked: 2024 Tacoma First Look Official Image

    Looking into the same engine, currently used in the Lexus NX 350 and going into the next Forerunner, it looks decent. Toyota has plans to offer this engine with a hybrid setup in the Lexus, so probably the same for the Tacoma and Forerunner in the future. Looking at the New Tacoma more, from a...
  10. Competition Leaked: 2024 Tacoma First Look Official Image

    The engine sounds like it might be an improvement over their existing option, “turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four that produces 265 horsepower and 309 pound-feet of torque”, especially paired with a manual transmission. That said, I’ll stick with my current truck.
  11. Transmission Woes

    Just shy of 57k. Problem first popped up (mildly, just before reaching operating temps) around 47k and was a noticeable issue about 5k miles later, to the point it was a safety/drivability concern. I sure as hell wasn't going to pull out into traffic, to any extent, with it acting up like it...
  12. Transmission Woes

    Transmission CDF Drum moving out of position was the culprit on my truck. Been trying to chase down the funky shifts and other transmission issues with my truck for a while now, and I should have it back soon (repaired under warranty). Fingers crossed that the transmission problems are behind me...
  13. Antenna

    HEY! You have luck like me!
  14. Ford Leveling Kit

    Never had to adjust them on my truck. I might have dialed the headlights down a hair myself, just to be extra kind to others, but I can't remember. ACC and everything is fine, considering the fairly minute change.
  15. Ford Leveling Kit

    Bought a Rough Country kit for my truck in May 2019. Had a buddy's shop toss it on and it wasn't too much. Four years, lots of off-road use, and about 60k miles later I've had no issues. One thing to consider is replacing the factory nuts, if new ones are not provided. Trying to reuse the...
  16. Transmission slipping and rough shifts

    I got in touch with the service advisor today and got a bit more insight into the issues I was having. Not a transmission expert, but this is what I took away from the conversation. When they opened up the transmission, they found that the 'CDF drum keyway' had slipped and was mispositioned...
  17. Transmission slipping and rough shifts

    I got a message from the dealership this morning, stating the transmission will likely be getting a "complete overhaul" under the powertrain warranty. No details beyond that at this point and I told them to do whatever they need to do, as long as it is working right when I get it back. I'll...
  18. Transmission slipping and rough shifts

    The Ranger is back to the dealership for another look. Been driving my car, aside from trips to our property, so I figured I might as well give them another shot at making it right. I also decided to swap my LMS tune over to my Fiesta ST and keep the truck stock in the future. The tune is fun on...
  19. Superwinch Winch2Go - Winch-in-a-Box

    A 4k pound winch is pretty small, depending on how you plan to use it. I had one that size on my Polaris RZR and it was about as small as I'd want to go for that. If I decide to get a winch for my truck I plan to go with a hitch mounted setup (adding a front receiver), with connections...
  20. Picked up a commuter car

    Absolutely loving this little car so far. Soooo much fun, and still a fan of my Ranger too. Planning to bomb some trails with the truck this weekend.